What Is Flexo Printing

Flexography (often abbreviated to flexo printing) is a kind of printing way which could adopt a flexible plate. It can coordinate with almost any type of substrate, including plastic, wooden, iron, film, and paper. It is widely used for paper printing, cardboard printing, and plastic film printing. We always make a solid 3D plate refer to design work, then adapt it to the flexo printing machine. Once the cardboard across, the ink will transfer onto the cardboard, then the printing finished.
As it is a cheap and economical printing process, the customer always applying them on brown/white kraft corrugated fiberboard, rigid card stock, and plastic film.

Flexo Printed Boxes And Paper Bags

In Box packing solution team, we have listed the boxes made before as below:

The Corrugated Fiberboard, We Have Thickness Available As Below:

A flute (4MM) thickness B flute (3MM) thickness C flute (3.8MM) thickness E flute (2MM) thickness F flute (1MM) thickness AB flute (7MM) thickness BE flute (5MM) thickness BF flute (4MM) thickness ABB flute (10MM) thickness ABE flute (9MM) thickness BEF flute (6MM) thickness

If you need customized thickness of cardboard, please write an email to us.

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