Description Of UV Varnishing | Spot UV

UV is short for ultraviolet, UV Varnish, also called UV coating. A UV Varnish is a liquid coating that applied to the surface of a plain surface (available in Glossy, Matt finish), which is then dried/cured with ultraviolet light. It is to make the requested printed area showed up with an eye-catching effect.

After UV varnishing, the surface will be thicker than the uncoated area and seems glossy. If your package needs somewhere to stand out of the printing, then spot UV is the right solution. It used for LOGO, cartoons, text, and so on. It proceeds after offset printing and surface finish (glossy or matt varnishing and lamination).

How Does UV Varnish Work On The Paper Packaging?

With box packing solution team, we creatively adapt them to cosmetic packaging, food box, mailer box, display box, and another paper packaging.

Advantages of UV Varnish

  • Highest gloss and rub-resistance
  • 100% solid, multiple times using will not change its composition.
  • Fast dry
  • Fast quality check after it comes out from UV light
  • Environment friendly From the scale of UV varnishing, you can choose a full area or spot UV.
fast respond UV printing machine
UV Printing Process
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