Description Of UV Varnishing | Spot UV

UV stands for ultraviolet, and UV Varnish, also known as UV coating, is a liquid coating applied to a plain surface (available in glossy or matte finish) and then dried/cured with ultraviolet light. Its purpose is to make the printed area more eye-catching.

After UV varnishing, the surface becomes thicker than the uncoated area and appears glossy. If you want certain areas of your package to stand out from the rest of the printing, spot UV is the ideal solution. It can be used for logos, cartoons, text, and other features. Spot UV is typically applied after offset printing and surface finishing, such as glossy or matte varnishing and lamination.

How Does UV Varnish Work On The Paper Packaging?

With box packing solution team, we creatively adapt them to cosmetic packaging, food box, mailer box, display box, and another paper packaging.

Advantages of UV Varnish

  • Highest gloss and rub-resistance
  • 100% solid, multiple times using will not change its composition.
  • Fast dry
  • Fast quality check after it comes out from UV light
  • Environment friendly From the scale of UV varnishing, you can choose a full area or spot UV.

How To Ensure Good Quality SPOT UV?

When adding spot UV coating to your cardboard packaging, it is essential to work with a reputable printing company that has experience with this process. In addition to the steps mentioned earlier, here are the general tips, no matter if you will choose to work with us:

  1. Choose the Right Type of Spot UV Coating

There are different types of spot UV coatings available, each with their own characteristics and applications. For example, some coatings are designed to create a high-gloss finish, while others produce a matte finish. Some coatings may be more suitable for specific printing techniques, such as digital or offset printing. When selecting a spot UV coating, be sure to consider your specific requirements and consult with your printing company for advice on the best type of coating to use.

  1. Use Proper Artwork and Design

The quality of the spot UV coating is heavily influenced by the artwork and design used for the packaging. To ensure a high-quality result, it is important to use high-resolution images and graphics. Vector artwork is preferred for spot UV coating as it allows for precise control over the coating application. Additionally, avoid using small text or fine lines in the artwork as they may not appear clearly with spot UV coating.

  1. Control the Spot UV Coating Thickness

Spot UV coating thickness is an important consideration when applying this technique to cardboard packaging. A coating that is too thick can create a raised effect that may be prone to damage during shipping, while a coating that is too thin may not provide the desired visual effect. The printing company should have equipment that allows for precise control over the coating thickness to ensure a consistent, high-quality result.

  1. Conduct Color Matching

Spot UV coating can be applied in various colors, and it is essential to ensure that the color of the coating matches the rest of the packaging. Conducting color matching tests is a vital part of the quality control process, and it is recommended that you work with a printing company that has a color management system in place.

  1. Conduct Quality Control Checks Throughout the Process

Conducting quality control checks throughout the process is vital to ensuring a high-quality result. The printing company should have a quality control system in place that includes multiple checks throughout the process, including checking for any defects or inconsistencies in the spot UV coating.

By following these tips and working with a reputable printing company, you can ensure that your cardboard packaging has a high-quality spot UV coating that enhances the visual appeal of your product.

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