Description of PET / PVC Window on Box

The plastic window plays with an essential role in the paper packaging industry, and the function is to let the customer see the products inside and adds some features to packaging. In the Box Packing Solution team, you can choose a PVC window and PET window for your box packaging. The plastic window position could be in the middle, side, or end of the box, on one side or across the box body. The thickness range from 0.1 millimeters to 20 millimeters.

The plastic window patching process is speedy. We always use transparent glue to ensure a nice appearance of the final box.

PVC Sheet
PET Sheet

PVC Window

PVC is short for Polyvinyl Chloride. After making to the sheet, the advantage and disadvantages of PVC are:

  1. PVC only for the window, has a unique plastic smell, not suitable for food packaging.
  2. Cheap than other plastic material window.
  3. Easy to be stick with glue, then it’s good to stick them with the paper box.
  4. Easy to be weak when on the folding line after multi-folds.
Magnetic Closure Gift Box with PVC Window
Rectangle PET Window On Corrugated Carton Box
Magnet Closure Gift Packaging Box with PVC Window
Led Bulb Packaging Box with PVC Window
Long Corrugated Box with PVC Window Joint Structure
Cardboard Pillow Box with PVC Window

PET Window

Different from the PVC window, the PET is short for Polyethylene terephthalate, has better quality and eco-friendly performance. The features of PET window are:

  1. Higher price
  2. Eco-friendly, good transparent quality, odorless.
  3. Lightweight, easy to clean. 4.More durable than other plastic material.
Hang Tab Box with PET Window For Sports Headphone
Box with PET Window Two Sides
Take Away Food Box With Plastic PET Window

Why Choose Us For The PET / PVC Window Supplier?

Shanghai BPS has made a report that around 39% of our customer will need an open window for the box, all of them choose us to supply the window, we have below advantages:

  1. Together with the box/bag producing, we will make a better quality check on window position, window thickness, and stick process.
  2. We have a 600 square meter dust-free workshop, and this will keep the PET / PVC window away from dust.
  3. Several times quality checks before any products leave our factory.