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Custom Wine Packaging Solution

Cardboard, Wooden, Leather, and Aluminum Alloy.

With the development of e-commerce, the consumption of red wine packaging boxes is increasing. There are two main development trends: First, the globalization process is obvious. The red wine that was packaged in France or Australia two days ago has been poured into a Korean goblet today. The second point is that the requirements for private label wine packaging boxes are getting higher and higher, and the number of orders is getting less and less.

How to enable buyers to purchase suitable wine packaging boxes faster and better has become particularly important. Here we need to propose corresponding wine packaging solutions based on the attributes of the product and the buyer’s requirements.

Therefore, this article is developed around the solution, and you can find almost all the wine packaging series you want here.

We divide wine packaging solutions into two major categories, namely the material and shape of wine packaging.

Next, we will analyze each type.

The Material Kind of Wine Packaging

The wine box is made of various materials, from corrugated cardboard, cardboard, leather, alloy, to all kinds of wood. According to your product positioning, it is essential to choose the right material as the packaging box.

It is your expectation and our goal to make full use of the purchasing budget.

Corrugated Box For Wine Packaging

Corrugated Cardboard Material Using For Wine PackagingThe Wine Carton Boxes Made From Corrugted Fiberboard

Corrugated wine packaging boxes have the oldest “age” and have existed in the world for more than 60 years. It has the advantages of low price, high production efficiency, and excellent protection, and is widely used by brewers. At the same time, its most significant disadvantage is that it cannot give people a sense of high-end, which is determined by its material.

The styles of corrugated packaging boxes are changeable, and they are mainly displayed in mailer box style or regular slotted carton style in the wine market.

Custom Mailer Box For Wine Packaging

The Mailer Box has a stable structure. When matched with hard corrugated cardboard, the box can adapt to long-distance transportation, and the cardboard is not easy to break. You can design different printed content on the outside and inside of the box to achieve an eye-catching and beautiful effect.

Corrugated Cardboard Mailer Shipping Box For Red Wine

As shown in the picture above, you can see that there are printing inside and outside the box, even adding foil stamping and embossing, which can make up for the disadvantage of corrugated cardboard that is not high-grade. To protect the wine bottles from colliding with each other, the boxes are lined to fix the wine bottles so that the wine bottles are always kept in their original positions during transportation.

According to the buyer’s needs, the wine box can be equipped with lock-tab. The purpose of this is twofold: The first is to make the box completely closed, making it more challenging to open. The second is that when you paste the VOID sticker on the lock-tab, the box has an anti-vandal function.

The packaging method of Mailer Box For Wine is to spread it flat on the pallet and then wrap the pallet evenly with stretch film. The advantage of this box type is that it occupies a small volume. Compared with the assembled box, it saves at least two-thirds of the space for transportation or storage. The inner lining of the box is packed in a carton for easy access.

We use corrugated cardboard of different strengths for boxes of various sizes. The following are the technical parameters:

  • Single Wine Bottle: 300gsm/140gsm/170gsm, B flute.
  • Double Wine Bottle: 300gsm or 350gsm/170gsm/170gsm, B flute.
  • Triple Wine Bottle: 350gsm/200gsm/280gsm, B flute, or 300gsm/140gsm/170gsm/140gsm/170gsm, BE flute.
  • Four Pack, Six Pack, Eight Pack Wine Bottle: 350gsm/170gsm/200gsm/170gsm/200gsm, BE flute or AB flute.
  • Twelve Pack, Twenty-Four Pack Wine Bottle: 350gsm/200gsm/200gsm/1200gsm/200gsm, AB flute.

As society pays more attention to environmental protection, this foldable corrugated box has become more and more popular because it can be assembled without any tape and is very durable. Our minimum order quantity is 250 pieces, and the delivery time is seven days.

RSC Style Corrugated Box For Wine Packaging

RSC corrugated boxes are used to transport multiple bottles of red wine and are used as packaging boxes for bulk transportation. This type of box usually uses five layers of corrugated cardboard as the raw material. High strength, durability, and many layers that can be stacked.

The RSC format box is the most paper-saving of all box types, and its proprietary code is FEFCO 0201.

RSC Style Shipping Box For Wine Bottles

The picture above lists several standard red wine transport boxes, which contain twelve, one, and six 750ml wine bottles. Their printing method is relatively simple, including the origin of the wine, brand name, logo, bottle opening method, and storage method. If you have contacted printing expertise before, it is not difficult to see that these are Flexo printing. Flexo printing has a low unit price, high mass production efficiency, and environmental protection (this ink is soluble in water).

We can customize different dividers for red wine shipping boxes, including size, color, and several partitions.

Before production, you can ask the designer for a 3D rendering to confirm the printing position and overall effect. Of course, this service is given to you for free.

Our company attaches great importance to environmental protection, and all cardboards are made of recyclable materials, they will not cause damage to the environment. For some buyers with more robust environmental protection concepts, we can provide FSC certified recyclable cardboard. These products can protect not only the environment but also ensure the sustainable use of forest wood and the traceability of the source.

Here is a small suggestion: RSC box type packaging will use a lot of plastic tapes, you can choose environmentally friendly kraft paper tape, which makes the box look ecologically friendly, and it contributes to environmental protection.

The minimum order quantity of the RSC red wine packaging box is 500 pieces, and the mass production time is ten days. After they are cut, both ends will be glued or nailed.

Rigid Hard Cardboard Box For Wine Packaging

Rigid Hard Cardboard Gift Box For Wine Bottle

Rigid hard cardboard box is usually made of gray cardboard covered with printed paper. It has a high degree of beauty and collection significance. Most of this type of boxes are handmade and have a certain degree of artistry. If a large number of mass production is required, there are also fully automated machines that can replace manual labor. Under the same size conditions, the cost of a hard cardboard box will be higher than that of a corrugated box.

Because this kind of wine box is not used as the outer packaging of the product, but the inner packaging. Therefore, it cannot be directly applied to express transportation, and the corresponding outer packaging needs to be matched to protect the wine box from damage.

In actual packaging applications, we will add linings to protect the bottles. At present, the popular linings on the market are EVA, EPE, Styrofoam, and cardboard. On the surface of these linings, a layer of covering will be added, such as velvet, silk, paper, PVC, etc. The color of these coverings is optional.

According to the volume and size of the wine bottle, we can customize the cutting lining so that the wine bottle is tightly fixed in the carton.

There are many printing surface treatment methods to choose from, such as hot stamping, hot silver, PVC windows, Embossing, debossing, soft-touch, etc. Compared with ordinary printing, we recommend that you use at least one printing surface treatment, which can be matched with special paper to make the wine box look more high-end and professional.

Wooden Box For Wine Packaging

Wooden Material Using For Wine Packaging Boxes Crates

Compared with the cardboard box is suitable for the sale of mass wines, the wooden box is ideal for the purchase of high-end products of the winery. The wooden box is made of log or composite wood, which has an unparalleled sense of luxury and thickness. The price of wooden boxes is higher than other types of boxes, but it can be reused.

Currently, the materials suitable for manufacturing wooden boxes are MDF, HDF, Pine Wood, Tung Wood, Birch Wood. The printing method is spray paint or laser engraving.

MDF Made Wine Box

Medium Density Fiberboard Made Wine Suitcase Box

MDF is the abbreviation of Medium Density Fiberboard, which is a kind of wood. Wooden boxes produced with MDF have the characteristics of lightweight, high hardness, and low cost. Generally suitable for 500ml to 2000ml wine packaging bottles. If the product is too heavy, then a higher density wood board needs to be considered.

The natural color of MDF is natural wood color. On this basis, you can add laser-engraved Logos, spray paint, silk screen printing, and UV printing. Of course, if you have high requirements for the type of color, we can wrap it with a piece of printing paper. On the MDF board, this way, your box is strong and beautiful.

The closing method of the MDF wine box is different from that of the cardboard box. Due to the inflexibility of wood, the closing method of the package cannot be applied to the wooden box. Such as magnet closed, ribbon closed, and so on. Most of the wooden boxes are closed using Brass Latch, silver latch, clamp latch, rubber latch, and hasp latch buckle, which improves the sealing of the wooden box and makes the wooden box look vintage.

To further improve the quality of the MDF wine box, you can choose to flock inside the wooden box, add velvet lining, EVA lining, and golden hinge.

All wooden boxes are fumigated, and the fumigation certificate can be printed on the wooden boxes. For demanding consumers, we can provide an FSC certificate, so that you can clearly understand which forest farm your wooden box comes from, which batch of felling, so that the source can be traced back to the production of wooden boxes.

The MOQ of our MDF wine box is 200 pieces, and the production time is 7-15 days. 3D renderings can be provided in advance. For packaging of MDF wine boxes, we pack them individually into cartons, then place them on wooden pallets, and finally cover them with stretch film.

HDF Made Wine Box

High Density Fiberboard Made Wine Suitcase Box

HDF wine box is an upgraded version of the MDF wine box. The material is denser, more durable, and more substantial.

Usually used for six-bottle, twelve-bottle, or twenty-four-bottle wine packaging, it can be called a Wine Crate.

Pine Wood Wine Box

Pine Wood Wine Box

Pine Wood is a coniferous plant. It has the characteristics of pine wood fragrance, light yellow color, abundant scars, sensitivity to temperature and humidity, easy expansion, and extremely difficult to dry naturally. Therefore, manual treatment is required, such as drying, degreasing to remove organic compounds, bleaching to unify the tree color, and neutralizing the properties of Pine Wood to make it difficult to deform.

Pine Wood wine box is very versatile. It can be used as a display box, as a transport box, or as a gift box. It can be matched with different printing methods to change the pure color of Pine Wood.

To match different uses, we can add Brass latch, hasp latch buckle, and nylon handle to the wine box to improve the sense of the quality of the product.

As for the lining of the Pine Wood wine box, currently, we can only provide EVA lining or wood lining, both of which can meet the requirements of protecting wine bottles. Some other soft linings are not suitable and do not match the high-end sense of the wine box.

Since the wine box is weighty and not resistant to falling, a separate corrugated box is required to be packed and then loaded on a wooden pallet. It takes 12 to 45 days for ocean transportation to America or Europe, and air transportation can be provided if urgent.

Tung Wood Wine Box

Tung Wood Wine Box Packaging

Tung Wood is the most cost-effective among the wooden box categories we provide, with competitive prices and excellent wood quality. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, can be stored for a long time without fading. As a wine storage box, these are significant characteristics.

Tung Wood wine boxes can be dyed with different colors or paints. The wood can quickly absorb the pigments and dry naturally. After fumigation, the wooden box can prevent moths.

At the corners of the box, we can provide anti-collision edges. You can choose copper, iron, plastic, paper, and other corner protectors.

Due to the low output of tung wood and the need for many processes, the production time is extended, usually 15-30 days. Before mass production, we can provide samples for your confirmation. The material thicknesses currently in stock are 5mm, 1cm~10cm. If there are special thickness requirements, we can customize them.

Birch Wood Wine Box

Birch Wood Wine Storage Box Birch Bark Veneer Box

The Birch Wood wine box is the most high-end in the wooden box category we provide, and the price of raw materials is close to twice that of Tung Wood. Birch Wood is characterized by a smooth surface, straight and noticeable texture, which can give consumers a natural and high-end feeling. Due to the high density, it is straightforward to cut the wood board without local collapse or deformation.

It is worth noting that Birch wood bark can also be used for packaging. This bark is very shiny, resistant to folding, and can be bleached.

Birch wood can be used to make large wine storage boxes or collection boxes, and its quality determines that this wooden box will not be destroyed after decades of storage. After being made into wooden crates, high-density wood can bear a load of nearly one hundred kilograms and can be stacked in multiple layers.

Since the raw materials of birch wood are not abundant, our annual output is limited. Buyers need to book one month before starting production. The lead time for mass production is 25 days, and we can provide pictures and videos for you to confirm the quality. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

The Birch wood wine box can be fully customized, with different accessories to make a unique box.

Leather Wine Box

Leather Material Apply To Wine Packaging Boxes Crates

When it comes to the topic of how to make the box high-end, you have to mention a material: leather. As a traditional luggage material, leather has a history of thousands of years. The application to wine boxes has only a few decades of history. The leather has bright colors, soft touch, rich texture, and luxurious appearance.

We can provide two materials, natural leather, and faux leather, the most used is faux leather. Out of the protection of natural animals, the output of natural leather is rapidly decreasing. We can provide dozens of different textures of artificial leather and natural leather. The main textured are the four shown in the picture. If you have special requests, please send the texture pattern you need.

Similar to cardboard boxes, leather boxes can also be applied with multiple printing finish treatments, such as gold foil stamping, hot silver, embossing, gloss, matte, medals, laser engraving, etc. As shown in the picture above, the texture of the leather box is different, and the surface treatment is also different. Bright, retro, carved, inflatable.

There are many ways to embed the handle, such as nailing, pasting, locking, etc., depending on the bottle’s weight and style. By default, the same leather as the wine box is used to make the handle.

The shape of the wine leather box can be highly customized. No matter what kind of leather box you need, our designer will provide the corresponding design drawings. Of course, some unique shapes require multiple adjustments before they can be mass-produced. This is the difference between design and reality.

With a leather box, we can also provide a series of auxiliary tools, such as wine stoppers, decanters, corkscrews, pourers, glasses, and portable jugs. Through various linings, these accessories can be packed in a leather box.

If you are buying a natural leather box, you need daily maintenance to protect the natural color of the leather. The faux leather wine box does not need to be maintained, and it will always be bright and shiny during its service life.

Aluminum Alloy Wine Box

Aluminum Alloy Material Apply To Wine Packaging Boxes Suitcase

Aluminum alloy material has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, a high degree of processing, and easy regeneration. The wine box made of aluminum alloy looks stylish and, at the same time, cost-effective. The drawing process determines the texture of the aluminum alloy, and different drawing directions create a unique appearance of the aluminum alloy sheet.

At the same time, the aluminum alloy sheet can be hydraulically produced with different levels, making the surface uneven or parallel. After the painting process, the aluminum alloy is available in different colors, and the wine box becomes colorful.

Aluminum Alloy Wine Packaging Suitcase Box

As shown in the picture above, this kind of wine box is locked by Brass latch or hasp latch buckle. With a custom-cut lining, the wine bottle fits tightly in the aluminum alloy box. The conventional lining is EVA flocking or XEPE flocking.

Packaging Bag For Wine

The packaging bag is another packaging method for red wine, with a simple design and suitable for gift packaging. The current general size is one-bottle/two-bottle/four-bottle, and it can also be customized according to actual needs.

The standard material of packaging bags is a paper card or cloth, plus handles made of diverse materials.

Since the packaging bag can be flattened and transported, the transportation fee is very low, and the storage is also very convenient.

Paper Bag For Wine
Packaging Bag Paper Bag For Wine Bottle

Paper bags are usually made of Virgin paper or art paper. The outside of the paper bag can be customized to print content according to your design draft. If you want to add printing inside the paper bag is also feasible,

By default, the surface of the paper bag is covered with a layer of glossy film or matte film. Their function is to protect the printing ink from fading and improve the texture of the paper bag.

We have a variety of paper thicknesses for you to choose from, from 0.05mm to 0.95mm. If you don’t know how to choose, our sales engineers will provide you with consulting services based on the actual situation. These services are always free.

When it comes to paper bag handles, there are even more types. Divided from the material, it is divided into nylon rope, ribbon, punched hole, and plastic. Divided by color, there are more than one hundred subdivided colors and a dozen primary colors. The installation method of the paper bag handle is divided into sticking or punching. The punching hole strength is higher, and the cost is higher.

At the same time, we can provide customized kraft paper bags, which are environmentally friendly and recyclable. If you need fully traceable paper, we can also offer FSC certified paper materials.

Cloth Bag For Wine
Cloth Bag For Wine Packaging

Red wine bags are divided into sack bags, non-woven bags, and velvet bags. We can provide in-depth customized services and provide a packaging solution for your wine brand.

The burst resistance of cloth bags is higher than that of paper bags, and they are stitched by machine. Before you decide which fabric to choose, we can provide a sample for you to choose from. Of course, if you have examples, you can also send us to match materials.

The printing method of cloth bags is entirely different from that of paper bags. They are only suitable for UV printing or silkscreen printing because the surface of the cloth is not smooth. UV printers solve this problem well and present high-quality printed content to customers.

The minimum order quantity for red wine cloth bags is 500, and the production time is ten days. The more the order quantity, the lower the unit price, and the delivery time will not change much because fully automatic machines produce it.

The Shape of Wine Packaging Boxes

The shapes of our wine boxes are diverse. You can refer to our previous article and click on the link to view. Most of the boxes can be used as wine boxes.

Hinged Lid Wine Box

Hinged Lid Wine Packaging Boxes

The hinged lid wine box is usually made of wood, and the lid and bottom are connected by a hinge on the back of the box. When you open the box, the lid can remain in the air and has a display function. The box looks vintage when attached with brass locks.

The colors of the hinges are gold, silver, black, purple, red, pink, and white. If you need to customize, we can spray paint on the hinges.

There is also a kind of cardboard rigid box that can be called a Hinged lid box, which has no hinge on the back, and the lid and bottom are glued together. Usually, an invisible magnet is used to close the box or a sticker to seal the box.

Hinged lid box and attached lid box are different. Although they look similar in appearance, the two boxes use completely different molding structures.

Magnetic Closure Wine Box

Custom Printed Magnetic Closure Box For Wine

The magnetic Closure wine box is a box-type with a cardboard material and a magnetic closure method. Its price is usually mid-level and can be fully customized.

The size of the box depends on how many bottles of wine need to be filled. A single bottle of 75cl or 750ml is the most common.

As shown in the third model on the picture, when the front of the box and the inner support are not linked together, the lid of the wine box will fall, so that the box becomes a display box, called Clamshell style rigid box.

The printing of wine boxes usually uses two-color printing or special paper bronzing, which makes the wine boxes look elegant and high-end.

There are two magnets installed in the cardboard by default, so you can’t notice it, but it does the work-every time you open or close the box. We chose the strong magnet sheet produced by 3M Company, which is lightweight.

The magnet box can be used with paper bags, which is very suitable for gifts.

The lining of the Magnetic closure wine box is generally made of EVA flocking or pasted with a silk cloth. While protecting the bottle from impact, it also adds to the beauty of the box.

The minimum order quantity for Magnetic wine boxes is 300, and the production time is 12 days. If you can purchase more (up to 3000), the unit price will be very competitive. Before mass production, our design engineers can provide a 3D mockup to confirm the overall effect of the carton, or we can provide a sample.

Collapsible Rigid Wine Box

Customizable Collapsible Rigid Gift Box For Wine Bottles

The foldable wine box is an advanced version of the magnetic closure wine box, which has an additional foldable function. This function is beneficial in some situations. There are two types:

  • When you are an entrepreneur, you need a relatively small order volume, and then you need very low shipping costs.
  • When you need to buy a large number of magnet boxes, the shipping costs increase significantly due to the large box size.

In the above two cases, you can choose a foldable gift box, but you need to assemble the box manually (tear off the double-sided tape and fit the sides of the carton box)
For example, the size of a magnet box is 40×30×30cm. When you purchase 3000 pieces, the volume of a conventional magnet box is 120m³ (after packing onto the pallet), while the volume of a collapsible wine box is only 42m³, saving More than half of the shipping cost.

Everyone needs to be reminded here that if the box needs lining, then the collapsible wine box is meaningless. It will not save you any shipping costs because the EVA lining cannot be folded or flattened. In this case, we recommend that you use shredded paper as the lining. The shredded paper can be compressed.

Foldable gift boxes are more and more popular with merchants because of their portability and the fun of folding. The minimum order quantity is 500 pieces, and the mass production time is 12 days.

We accept printing in any color, you can provide design drawings, and our designers will offer services to you, including text checking and 3D rendering.

Drawer Style Cardboard Wine Box

Drawer Style Box For Packing Wine Bottle

Drawer style wine box is a relatively cheap packaging method. Under the condition of the same size box, Drawer style wine box uses the least materials.

Through the notch opening method or the pull-out tab opening method, the wine box has a certain sense of damping.

We usually use cardboard or wood to make drawer style wine boxes to make the box look straight. Different printing finish method can be arbitrarily matched to create the box have visible brand characteristics.

Round Tube Wine Packaging Box

Cardboard Tube Wine Box Packaging

It seems that the cardboard tube is born for packing the wine bottles, and its shape perfectly fits the wine bottle. No matter what volume of wine or cocktail you need, we have the corresponding cardboard tube size to meet your needs. Since the molds have been prepared in advance, you don’t need to pay to set-up the molds, which significantly reduces your purchase cost. Like the birch veneer wine box mentioned earlier, wood materials can also be made into cylindrical packaging.

The outside printing of the cardboard tube can be completely customized, and the interior is usually white, Kraft, or gray. If you need to be custom printed internally, the MOQ needs to reach 5,000.

If you need some unique paper tubes, then we will suggest you use a special paper to make the tubes. Specialty paper is textured and does not require additional decoration to make the paper tube look high-end. For more details, please refer to our particular paper introduction page and choose the special paper you like. Or send the specialty paper pattern you want, and we will match it for you.

Many buyers like gold foil stamping on red wine paper tubes. Gold color and red wine seem to be a perfect match.

The minimum order quantity for non-special wine paper tubes is 500, and the mass production time is 12 days. We can also provide samples or 3D renderings before mass production.

Why The Box With Lift-off Lid Is Not A Good Choice?

Why Not Use Lift-off Lid Box As Wine Packaging

If you have seen a lot of wine packaging boxes or browsed a lot of packaging design drawings, you will find that few people use lift-off lid box type as wine packaging. There are two main reasons:

  1. The structure of the Lift-off lid makes it easy to break the bottle when opening the box, and the bottom is easy to fall off the lid.
  2. Lift-off lid box type needs to be equipped with many closing methods to make the box suitable for long-distance transportation.
  3. There is only a single layer of cardboard at the bottom, which is not sufficiently protective.

The above is the reason why we do not recommend using a lift-off lid box as wine packaging. Of course, if you have a professional packaging team, you can use it.

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