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Paper bags are widely used and are sometimes more important than paper boxes. As a professional and reliable supplier of paper bags based in China, the Shanghai Box Packing Solution team has created over 2,000 different types of paper bags. These bags vary in terms of their material, style, and printing method. After reviewing the samples, we found that they can be grouped into just four categories: Kraft paper bags, rigid paper bags, specialty paper bags, and others.

Brown Kraft Paper Bag

Brown Kraft Paper Bag Kraft Paper Bag With White Handle

We supply Brown kraft paper bag with Quality from 50gsm to 350gsm, for different load quality. They all being made from recycled material, eco-friendly. We always say reduce the burden to the globe, but I only convince that our customers are the king of eco-friendly.

They buy recycled paper material packagings from us, they have done great support to the low CO2 world. The printing can be simple flexo printing or nice offset printing, depends on which market target you are standing on. The size of the brown kraft paper bag can be 100x100x100 cm as MAX. handles, please refer to our box handle guidance, choose your best handles on the paper bag!

White Kraft Paper Bag

Sushi Packaging Bag

Same as brown Kraft paper bag, White Kraft paper bag also made from recycled paper material and do good for the environment. Size can be 100x100x110 cm MAX. The pictures showed a sushi packaging bag, take away bag style.

Rigid Paper Shopping Bag

Apparel Packaging Bag

Paper Bag With Double Side Printing

This kind of paper bag made from Virgin paper, 300 gsm quality. Offset printed coated with glossy lamination. durable and re-useable. see more information about virgin paperboard, please check our website.

Perfume and Cosmetic Packaging Bag

Car Perfume Packaging Bag Shopping Bag For Car Perfume

Specialty paper material, shaped to the paper bag. with UV varnish full over the box. Inside could be printed also, it’s a good choice to apply glossy varnish on the inside. More and more customers like printed on sides, with the brand to gain more choice of promotion.

Why Choose Us As Your Paper Bags Supplier?

China Paper Packaging Supplier

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team engaged in the paper packaging industry for years, paper bags are our first production line. With us, you can be very clear about what you need. We save a lot of time for you to choose, also at a reasonable manufacturer price. Contact us now to start your packaging customizing!