Custom Printing Corrugated Paper Box with Handle For Cake

Focus Features:

  • Gold foil paper, laminates with the corrugated board.
  • Gable top, take-away-able.
  • Die-cut window
  • Gold foil stamping
  • Full covered bottom, strong enough to hold heavy products.


“Custom Printing Corrugated Paper Box with Handle For Cake” is a folding box style made from three-layered materials: 250gsm duplex board, 120gsm corrugated paper (E flute), and 120gsm kraft paper. It features CMYK offset printing with varnish and can be used to package cakes, food, and more. Our MOQ for this type of box is 500 pieces, and the production lead time is 7 to 10 business days. We pack the boxes flat with Kraft Paper Wrapping and wrapping film on the pallets.

Notably, “packing” is usually used as a verb, while “packaging” is a noun. Therefore, I changed “packing” to “packaging” in the first sentence to ensure consistency. Additionally, I rephrased some sentences slightly to improve readability.