Paperboard Folding Box For Balloon with Clear Window

Focus Features:

  • Dot shape gold foil stamping on the surface, and gold foil stamping words on the back.
  • Centered clear window patching
  • Foldable box shape, lightweight.
  • 100% recycled virgin paperboard
  • Red + black printing

Best Cardboard Material For Balloon Packaging Box

The best cardboard material for balloon packaging box is virgin paperboard because the balloon is lightweight, there is no need to use heavy cardboard material. Virgin paper board is a single layer, and it is the whole white color, which seems more elegant and premium than a corrugated board. Few people take folding box style using virgin paperboard material, but the balloon box could be.

Folding up this balloon box is easy: Fold top 2 flaps, fold bottom two flaps, and insert them into the hole of the base. Load your products into, close the box, then it finishes. If you worry the products may come out without a master carton, a sticker seal on closure is the right choice, and we also offer printed stickers in different materials and shapes.

Select More Box Styles Instead of This One

If you think this box- Paperboard folding box for the balloon with a clear window is not your taste, we are happy to offer you more box styles. There are two ways to get you there:

  1. If you have some ideas in hand, send me your idea by a simple sketch or picture
  2. Select box styles from our website. This box-style category will send you there.
  3. Search in google image and screenshot one to us. We will get to know which is is your choice, then we may create a mockup or die-line for you.