Description of pillow box

Pillow box, from the name, you can imagine the box shaped like a pillow, but it is not packed pillow only. Simple design, nice looking, easy folding and packing into. 

Pillow boxes are great for many creative packaging ideas. Popular for gifts, favors, and retail, become more and more popular in the market. 

From now on, it has been used in fast food packaging, gift packaging, soap packaging, cake packaging box, scarf packaging, wedding packaging and other products packaging.

Color printed pillow box for accessories

Pillow box for gift packing

This pillow style packaging box is with offset printing.

Kraft pillow box for Christmas gift packing

flexo printing Kraft pillow box for gift packing

This Kraft pillow style gift box is with Flexo printing.

Paper material suitable for pillow box

  1. Rigid Kraft paper stock (High quality, eco-friendly look)
  2. Virgin paper (Water resistance, luxury looking, good for offset printing)
  3. Art paper (durable and smooth surface)
  4. Specialty paper (customized paper color, special appearance)
  5. Corrugated fiberboard (more rigid and special touch feeling)

Virgin paperboard pillow style box

Virgin paperboard pillow box

This box with black color printed with gold stamping logo.

Specialty paper pillow style box

Specialty paper wedding pillow box

This is a red color printed box with gold stamping logo wedding design packaging.

Kraft pillow style box for cosmetics

Kraft pillow box for cosmetics

This is a kraft paper made-box with flexo printing for packing small cosmetics.

Art paper material pillow box

Art paper material pillow box

This pillow style box with clear window to see the item inside.

Specialty paper made pillow box

Specialty paper made pillow box

This luxury pillow style box is special for Jewelry packaging.

Corrugated fiberboard pillow box

Corrugated fiberboard material pillow box

This box is made of rigid corrugated fiberboard.

Ask for a box design or box demonstration

We have a lot of pillow boxes in the display room, please feel free to ask us to offer you die-line or more real sample pictures to help you finalize artwork for printing. also, we can show you a powerpoint/video demonstration, give you a more clear understanding of this special box structure. Regarding the box design, the box size, printing color, printing finish even packing could be discussed and customized.

pillow box die cut template