PizzaBag Counter Display Box

Focus Features:

  • Light weight and thin cardboard.
  • Can add a cardboard cover onto the counter display while shipping
  • Flexible in printing method, all refer to your request
  • Original outline service for you based on products specification
  • Auto lock bottom structure, three steps to fold up the displays.

The PizzaBag Counter Display Box is an excellent tool to attract customers’ attention and influence their last-minute purchasing decisions.

Shanghai BPS designs and prints a wide variety of counter displays and point-of-sale displays according to your desired specifications. Our strengths lie in our 20 years of experience and design expertise. If you are looking for customized solutions, you have come to the right place.

Benefits of Using Pizzabag Counter Display Box

PizzaBag Counter Display Box IS a savvy bundling solution that assistance you:

  1. Stack your products in order
  2. Highlight your brand and products
  3. Increase deals
If you are interested in starting your countertop box design and production, feel free to send inquiry to us by fulfilling the box.