Porcelain Crisper Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Various Box styles, for retail sales, display sales, and wholesale.
  • Made from printed corrugated fiberboard, the uncoated paper makes it recyclable.
  • White interior color, improve the whole package luxury feeling.
  • Both three boxes are foldable, in shipping & storage.

Different from Porcelain Set Packaging Box, this box is made for transportation instead of gifting and display.

Exquisite ceramic products can add elegance to life and enhance the living environment. However, ceramics are brittle and can easily become damaged during transportation, diminishing their value. Therefore, the rational design of transport packaging is crucial for ceramic products to ensure they are not affected by shock, vibration, or rough handling during circulation.

To achieve this, it is essential to study the external environmental conditions that the product may encounter during transportation, as well as the strength limit that the product can withstand. The properties of the cushioning material should also be carefully considered.

Based on this analysis, appropriate packaging materials should be selected, and the shape and size of the cushioning material should be rationally designed to ensure that the contents remain intact during transportation while keeping costs low.

Analysis And Design of Transportation Packaging For Ceramic Products

The nature of ceramic packaging can be divided into two categories: functional and value-added. Functional packaging aims to protect the goods and reflect the quality of packaging, while value-added packaging aims to promote the sale of assets by showcasing the charm and effectiveness of packaging. With the development of the times, ceramic packaging materials are also evolving towards a simpler design. The transport packaging materials should be selected based on the characteristics of the ceramic products, and as society progresses, so should the packaging. The evolution process reflects the shift from simple original packaging to complex modern packaging, with a focus on ensuring the safety and reliability of ceramic products during transportation.