High-Quality Porcelain Set Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Rigid detachable lid box style, impressive and easy to open.
  • Double-wall rigid cardboard, inside laid with small paperboard boxes, for small packs.
  • Golden color lining on the box tray.
  • Stylish printing content, reflect the theme of the item.
  • Single package carton to protect this box well until delivery finished.
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The Importance of Box Rigidity In Porcelain Packaging

Due to the brittleness of ceramic art, it is easily damaged during the process of storage and transportation, so packaging has become an essential link in the method of storage and transportation of ceramic handicrafts.

Due to the large size and large production volume of large and medium-sized ceramics, to reduce costs, the general medium and large ceramic products are often packaged in traditional simple methods (such as straw, bamboo raft, etc.) without corrugated packaging materials such as cardboard with excellent cushioning properties.
This simple package is easy to break in the process of transportation, causing significant economic losses to the enterprise, and may even lead to unnecessary disputes. Some high-end art porcelains are packaged in the form of wooden boxes and paper scraps, which adds a high transportation cost to the products and increases the company’s economic burden.

Especially in today’s focus on ecological environment protection and advocating a conservation-oriented society, the use of wooden box packaging is particularly wasteful and contrary to the requirements of the times. Therefore, how to improve the packaging effect of ceramic products, while saving wood and controlling costs, is an important research topic for ceramic production.

This requires us to design a simple package that not only protects the ceramic from damage during transportation and storage but also reduces packaging costs.

Finally, we create such a high-quality porcelain set packaging box, which is rigid, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. Now it’s hot sales in the USA and EU markets.

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