Present Packaging Tube Box with Lid

Focus Features:

  • Made from virgin paperboard, double-layer laminate together
  • Bigger caps than body
  • Iron color printed, classical printing
  • Matt plastic film lamination
  • Lightweight box for ligh weigt products packaging

Printing Deceive Your Eyes

At first glance, you may think that the present packaging tube box with lid is made of iron, but it is actually made of paperboard. In the packaging market, more and more suppliers are offering packaging with printed iron, wood, and natural effects. Why do they do this? We have concluded some reasons below:

  1. Paperboard/cardboard material is recyclable.
  2. Paperboard/cardboard is much more cost-effective than iron and wood.
  3. Printing allows them to stand out compared to regular printed items.

At BPS, we have helped many customers finalize their wooden effect packaging boxes, iron packaging boxes, and original packaging boxes. If you would like to try these packaging tubes, we are ready to offer more printing options for you.

Free Packaging Tube Mockups Ready For You

In Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd, we are happy to offer a free mockup box for you to confirm the order and idea of design. Just send us an email or fill the contact form to let us hear your voice. We have many different options for you, as long as you have an explicit request.