Printable Solid Wine Suitcase

Focus Features:

  • Natural wooden wine suitcase
  • Sustainable source timber material
  • Able to pack two 750ml standard wine bottle
  • Portable: rope handle
  • Printable: custom color and design
  • Door-to-Door delivery


Printable Solid Wine Suitcase, it’s a wooden suitcase for wine packaging.

This wine suitcase is made from sustainable source timber. We have pine wood, birch wood, paulownia wood, and walnut wood for choice. For the box in the picture, its material is pine wood. Pine Wood has the advantage of corrosion resistance and has no insect. And we don’t do any printing or paint on it, aim to make it more natural and environment-friendly.

To carry the suitcase conveniently, we attach a rope handle on top of the box. Inside the box, there is a removable wood divider, it’s able to divide and lock the two wine bottles. Sometimes, we can also provide colored raffia paper as filler to protect and decorate bottles.

Custom Services:

  1. Size of the suitcase: We can customize your box size according to the dimension of your wine bottle and pack numbers;
  2. Custom printing: This suitcase is printable. If you want your logo and design printed on the box, we can customize it for you.
  3. Handle: rope, leather, and metal handle options can be selected from;
  4. Others: If you have any good idea, please just share with us. We are pleased to work with you and make it.