Printed Cardboard Auto Lock Bottom Box Filled With Glue

Focus Features:

  • Auto-lock bottom structure
  • Gloss film lamination
  • Adhesive sticker for top panel seal
  • Flat pack and shipping


The auto lock bottom box filled with glue is single ivory board material, and the thickness is 0.5mm. This is auto bottom box style, It is convenient for packing, and it is flat shipping, it will save much delivery cost and stock room.

Assembly work is easy, and the box is auto-lock bottom and top filled with glue. Next, we glue the double sides adhesive tape on one side of the top flap lid.

After packing the products inside the box, you can seal the top when the customer purchasing the product tears the perforated part at the top of the box to gain entry to the box.

The box is used for packing baked fruit tea, and it can be used for food, sugar, coffee beans, and any other retail products. It has 6 designs for different fruit, and it is a series packaging.

The surface comes with glossy lamination, and this can prevent scratches and waterproof outside. It looks nice outside.

The minimum order quantity of the box is 1000 pieces; for the 6 designs, we can accept 500 pieces for each design, the lead time is 7 to 10 days.
We packing each design in one carton, no mixed packaging in one carton, stick clearly mark on the side so you can identify the boxes in your store.


The box structure is durable and compact, with Easy assembly and filling. Widely use for lightweight retail products, display in the supermarket.

The box size is 12x5x15 cm. We can customize it to your size.