Description of Cardboard Inserts

Cardboard Insert is widely being used in razor packing box, calculator box packaging, perfume packaging box and so on. Box packing solution team supply various custom inserts to meet different customer’s requirement. It’s eco-friendly and easy to be folded up, with customized printing, the insert seems balanced appearance with the outer box. we suggest using corrugated fiberboard material and rigid cardstock as the insert material. it is important to make the accurate size insert for the boxes, before samples, we will make a mock-up in the system for a double check on them.

Recently, we are applying corrugated material inserts into the wine packaging box, to avoid scratch between the bottles and labels. below we will pick some pictures for your reference, if you are interested in, please send your requirements to us, then we will do custom printed and folded box inserts for you.

Corrugated cardboard insert | Corrugated fiberboard insert

corrugated cardboard insert

Foldable box inserts fit well with the outer mailer box

Offset printed cardboard inserts dividers

offset printed cardboard inserts dividers

6 pack dessert insert, the material is thin cardboard.

Cardboard insert category

  1. Unprinted cardboard insert. Always be brown color or white color cardboard, with simple die-cut, being folded to fit the products and the paper box.
  2. Printed cardboard insert. Ivory board, corrugated Fiberboard or specialty paperboard always being a good selection. Print them with your requested artwork, or nice Printing & Finishing.

Unprinted cardboard insert

Unprinted cardboard insert

White virgin board material insert called the drawer box style.

Printed cardboard insert | virgin paperboard insert

printed cardboard insert

Glossy finish, four-sided folded and finally looks like a tray.

With Box packing solution team, we could offer you cardboard insert applied in beer bottle packaging box, chocolate box, food box, cosmetic product packaging box, game box packaging and Fruit | Vegetable Box Packaging. We are enough insert design for your choice, please try our free die-cut design.

Video of cardboard box insert

Below is a video take to let you see a cardboard insert made by us. from the video you will see it’s a box insert to pack electric device, this enables the device to stay in their position, meanwhile the whole box seems very balanced.

If you want us showing more demonstration of the boxes insert, please feel free to write an email to us, one of our sales representatives will contact you shortly. There are around 5,000 samples in our display rooms, we will try to get an accurate sample to make a show to you.

Upon is a 4mm thick cardboard insert, see more videos please follow our YOUTUBE official site