Printed Fit Watch Box with Sleeve

Focus Features:

  • Box with sleeve and inserts, secure your watch in position.
  • UV printing on the sleeve
  • Customized flexible on inserts
  • Top & Bottom shape box makes the box strong
  • High-end feeling artwork printing
  • Printed stickers seal on the side after packing finished
Let’s Customize It Now!

The Steps To Set up A Custom Fit Watch Box

We spend a lot of time on this packaging. In the initial, we only got a sample fit watch from the customer, together with some general design ideas. What we do on this box is:

  1. Measure the watch, select the telescope box style for the customer. (Learn more about telescope box style)
  2. Work on the inside box, and related sleeves
  3. Work on outer box dimensions, base & cover
  4. Lay artwork onto the box, discuss different printing options with customers
  5. Mockups & sample process

Each step we keep close communications with the customer, only continue working after getting the customer’s approval. This is the best way to ensure the best box result, and we regard customers as our teacher.

Urgent Order Service

Need the box to be in your hand after half a month, Great, we have such an urgent order service. From rush on orders, specialty packing method, to send the boxes via air, you just need to confirm the design and can leave remain to us with a peaceful mind. The record we have is to send 1,500 boxes to Houston customers for 15 days after place order. You are welcomed to join us to break the record! The Printed Fit Watch Box with Sleeve takes us 20 days for 20,000 pieces.

Useful Information