Printed Food Box Sleeve

Focus Features:

  • Thin & rigid paperboard material
  • Matt lamination, waterproof and protect printing work.
  • Glued on one side, pre-glued and shipped out
  • A cut hole on sleeve body to stuck products from dropping off
  • Foldable in shipping

Simple Structure Multiple Function

This box sleeve may be small, but it is highly practical. Thanks to its matte plastic lamination, it is water-resistant, making it ideal for use in cold and moist environments. Additionally, the cut and press tab securely holds the product in place, preventing it from falling out, similar to the design of a four-pack of Coca-Cola.

Opting for a box to package such food would prove significantly more expensive, whereas the sleeve requires less cardboard material, making it a more eco-friendly option.

Production Lead Time

You may be interested in our capability in producing such a printed food box sleeve. Our answer is 150,000 pieces per day in the peek season. The order over 10,000 pieces we will make them by full-automatic machine. Otherwise, it made by hand.