What Kind Of Printed Paper Products You Will Need

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a China leading supplier of sticker printing, custom stickers manufacturing and personalized stickers supply. Printed paper products we also call it printing service. It means that they are not standard paper boxes or paper bags, but other products only including printing.

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team offer paper stickers, paper magazine printing, paper journal printing, paper manual/booklet printing, book printing and so on, this article would update by the time, please follow us! 

You can add the stickers on your corrugated boxes, rigid cardboard gift boxes, paper bags and other position you want the stickers to show up. Moreover, here is the photo album for Custom printing services | magazine printing | brochure printing | book printing.

Paper Stickers | Adhesive Stickers | Custom Ctickers

After peeling the back paper, the sticker can be glued to any solid surface. Customer may choose Kraft paper as stickers’ material, also for art paper, read papers, laser paper or foil paper. it is great when you use clear plastic stickers, your custom stickers will stand out from others. And some supermarket will ask for thermal paper stickers, applied to their cashier or printers. The shape of stickers also could be customized, from triangle, round, cubic or special shape, just let us see the drawing, the artwork would be sent to you right away. Below are some stickers, please note that all could be customized. Those stickers are made from BOPP material, You can learn more about Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) from The Dow Chemical Company. Except that, the Vinyl material is also good for printed stickers, contact us to custom made your personalized stickers!

Clear BOPP Stickers

clear BOPP stickers,custom stickers

A transparent plastic material, able to stick to the box without affect box’s original color.

Laser Paper Stickers

laser paper stickers,adhesive stickers

Fancy colors, also have a function of security.

Matt Black Stickers | custom sticker printing

matt black paper stickers,sticky labels

Soft touch film laminated, silver printed texts.

Gold Foil Stamped Adhesive Stickers

gold foil stamped adhesive stickers,sticker labels

Golden shiny stickers, add value to your products.

Unique Shape Adhesive Stickers

unique shape adhesive paper stickers

We can customize any shape and size stickers for you, to make your packaging outstanding.

Water Resistance Stickers

water resistance paper stickers

Printed sticker roll, for roll sticker stick machine.

Matt Silver Adhesive Stickers

matt silver adhesive stickers

Original silver specialty paper, able to print some words onto.

Thermal Paper Material Stickers

thermal paper material stickers

Used for cashier in supermarket and office.

A4 Size Stickers

A4 size stickers

Always being put in printers and print directly.

Paper Magazine Printing | Paper Journal Printing | Catalog Book Printing | Reading Book Printing

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a professional and reliable China supplier of magazine printing services, we offer 500+ kinds of magazine printing products. You may need to purchase some paper printed books for your products, along with paper boxes and paper bags. Box packing solution team offer customized paper printed magazine for you, also the paper reading book, catalog book printing. The cover of the book could be Gold foil stamped, also the logo can be embossed, give the reader a better understanding of your brand. There are thousands of paper materials suitable for paper book printing, we could not list all here, but just let us know the paper number before ordering. Actually, there are so many binding methods of a printing book, learn more on Designers Toolbox, LLC about the different binding methods.

children reading book printing

Children reading book printing.

led light paper catalog printing

Led light paper catalog printing.

luxury watch magazine printing

Luxury watch magazine printing.

paper business journal

Paper business journal.

paper journal book

Paper journal book.

perfect binding magazine printing

Perfect binding magazine printing.

reading book printing

Reading book printing.

wedding magazine printing,print magazine,magazine printing services

Wedding magazine printing.

paper reading printing,magazine printing

Paper reading printing.

Paper Manual | Paper Leaflet | Paper Flyer | Paper Brochure

Always, there are some product guidance book or called paper manual and paper brochure into the packaging box to show the function and cautions for the products. Box Packing solution team also offer this printing service, with aid of paper packaging produces experience, we won a lot of good feedback from customers on paper manual printing service.

There are around 15 different folding method for a printed booklet or printed products. Below is a image for them, you can also click picture to download “15 types for a folding printed booklet”

15 types of folding printed booklets

Offset Printed Paper Manual

Offset printed paper manual,booklet printing

Double side printed, matte finish and glossy finish are acceptable.

Paper Printed Leaflet

paper printed leaflet,custom booklet printing

Die cut folding lines to make it several pages.

Paper Printed Manual

paper printed manual

Always be small size, as a description of related products.

Paper Folder | File Folder | A4 Paper Storage Folder

Paper folder always used to pack thin products, such as some A4 papers, men’s ties, or even money. It is a simple design, with simple cutting, then a useful folder shaped. We have successfully created a flexible thick paper folder for our customers, it means the thickness or height of the folder could be adjusted.

Flexible Thick Paper Folder

Flexible thick paper folder

The height of the folder is able to be changed, several cut lines on the sides also called file storage folder.

Silver Metallic Printed Paper Folder

silver metallic printed paper folder

A better closure quality than other common paper folders.

Small Matt Black Paper Folder

small matt black paper folder

10*10cm finished size, always storage small items.

Paper Folder Dieline Design

Paper folder design

More Related Designs For Custom Printed Paperboard Products

custom paper folder cardboard folder design file storage mailer

custom paper folder cardboard folder design file storage mailer

custom cardboard folder printed folders

custom cardboard folder printed folders

cardboard folder for CD albulm

cardboard folder for CD album