Printed Snack Food Packaging Sleeve

Focus Features:

  • Made to size (Bespoke Paperboard Sleeves)
  • Printed inside and outside
  • Can be opened from two sides
  • Variety printing and printing finish options available
  • The foldable and fast set-up process

Packaging Sleeve Is The Business Card of Your Brand

Just see take a glampse at the Printed Snack Food Packaging Sleeve, it’s a sleeve for snack food being packed into a plastic box. The plastic box always contains nothing, plain. However, a sleeve indicates everything- Your company information, your product’s nutrition, your brand goal, and so on. It is cheaper than printing directly on the plastic box or cardboard box.

In BPS, packaging sleeves are made from recycled paperboard, and it means not only food-grade material but also shows love for our Planet, check our aim in environment protection. Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Sustainable Packaging Boxes (click to jump)

Diverse Options Ready For You

Are you keen to expand your brand to your customers, do you want to put your artwork on this sleeve, do you want to change size but want to use this sleeve style? Write an email to us, tell us your requirements, and leave remain to us, pay as you go.