Printed Thermos Cup Display Counter Box

Focus Features:

  • Five layers for different products and a big room to place.
  • Custom shape Advertise header.
  • Massive body, and reinforced cardboard base. Ensure your product being caught by customers’ eyes.
  • Accurate cut on edges, no loose material showed.
  • Fast assemble process for this counter display.
  • Short lead time-around seven days.

Extensive Range Usage of This Floor Counter Displays

The Printed Thermos Cup Display Counter Box is a must-have for many retailers. These convenient point-of-purchase stands are known for increasing the sales of slow-moving products. The Thermos Cup Display Counter Box, also known as floor racks, moves items off overcrowded shelves where they may go unnoticed, and brings them to the forefront in an eye-catching corrugated bin. They are perfect for holding a wide variety of items in different locations.

A retail store can use the Printed Thermos Cup Display Counter Box to draw attention to health and beauty items, tissue paper, DVDs, or CDs. A grocery store is also a popular place to find a point-of-purchase merchandiser. They are often filled with boxes of food items such as crackers, cereals, or pasta. The Thermos Cup Display Counter Box can also showcase seasonal items such as Easter or Halloween treats or gifts. Placing them near a checkout counter almost guarantees higher sales numbers. Kids love to rummage through the Printed Thermos Cup Display Counter Box for candy and other treats. The possibilities are endless with these corrugated stands.

What’s The Benefit of Using Such Display Box?

These Printed Thermos Cup Display Counter Boxes are designed to fit into virtually any budget. They are constructed from corrugated paper, which is a more affordable material than wire for creating point-of-purchase sale containers. The display counter box features five individual zones for displaying merchandise, which is useful if you need to display different brands or product lines on a single floor rack. The stacked arrangement of the sale containers takes up minimal space on the floor, allowing more items to be displayed in the store. Additionally, the advertising header allows clients to display signage on the point-of-purchase sale containers.