Printed Truffles Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Made of 250gsm virgin paperboard laminates with thin plastic film.
  • CMYK printing, gold foil stamping on the tower.
  • The box used well with the auto-glue box machine.
  • Flat in shipping, packed into a single carton, and wrap in single PP bag.

Truffles Packaging Is Hot As the Truffles Sales

Truffles are quite popular candy in the world, and many people have the habit of eating this, such as dark truffles, milk truffles, white truffles, compound truffles, etc. Because this packaging is for food, printing, and packaging companies have to abide by some orders by related government, such as FDA, etc. Also, many customers need this third part of the authority.

Here, in our company, Shanghai BPS, we can provide you with a certificate and third part test that you need. Moreover, with 20 years of experience in printing and packaging, we do believe we would do each project well for you all. For any further questions, pls feel free to contact us. We are in a position to give you timely reply and support.

This printed truffles packaging box made for Wal-Mart, we are proud of it! Let us know if you are also interested in developing such a packaging box for your brand. It also can be used as a chocolate packaging box, candy packaging box, wedding box, and milk powder box.