Printed Tuck End Cosmetic Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Gold foil logo, embossed effect
  • Matt lamination of box
  • Reversed tuck end box style
  • Pre-fold lines for a better experience in the folding process


Printed Tuck End Cosmetic Packaging Box is made from 350g single copper paper, and the appropriate thickness of paperboard can be chosen based on the volume and weight of the interior. Cosmetic packaging plays a crucial role in promotion and must attract the attention of consumers. This box features a custom CMYK printing design with a matte lamination surface and a golden stamped logo, adding a luxurious feel. The MOQ is 500 pieces, and the packing method is a five-layer kraft paper box. Our boxes are exported to many countries, mainly focused on the USA, Canada, and Europe. We can customize the box to pack your different cosmetic products. Please contact us for more details.