Private Label Wine Box Kit

Focus Features:

  • Premium leather surface wine box
  • Portable: durable leather handle
  • Custom logo and design printed
  • Wine accessories inside
  • Worldwide Door-to-Door delivery service


Private Label Wine Box Kit, it’s a luxury packaging box for top-grade wine.

The exterior of the box is perfect stitching joint PU leather. We have different kinds of PU leather in various patterns, and the catalog can send to you for choice. We make the logo in the metal medal style and glue it on the box very firmly. Therefore the company logo looks outstanding and able to attract consumers. On the blank area of the red leather, an image and text are silk-screen printed.

As a luxury wine box kit, a carrying handle is must needed. We choose a premium leather handle for this box. The metal hinge allows the box to open quickly, and the metal latch secures the wine when closed. Look inside the box, and the whole interior is covered with velvet paper. The box is divided into two parts so that the wine bottle can be fixed and won’t hit each other. On the lid, there is a cut-out EVA foam lining to hold wine accessories. You can choose other wine accessories you want.

Custom service:

  1. Color of the leather can choose from our catalog;
  2. Box size can be customized according to the dimension of your wine bottle and pack numbers;
  3. Medal, logo, image, and text can be personalized;
  4. Color of interior velvet can be customizable;
  5. If you have any other good idea, please feel free to share with us. We are pleased to make it.