Packaging Design- The First Step of Opening A Successful Marketing

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What Is Packaging Design

Packaging design is a complex skill, from art design to packaging quality check, there are many sub-branches, some university set up special major named “box packaging design.” The full packaging design should contain below sub-titles:

  • Trademark design
  • Graphic design
  • Color design
  • Text design
  • Material standard
  • Packaging strength test

Packaging Design Layout

Different Element Design In Packaging Design

Trademark Design

Trademark is a symbol, is the symbol of corporate, institutional, commodity, and various facilities. Trademark is a technology related to the arts, and it involves the political, economic, and legal systems and other fields. Trademark is characterized by its function, the form of the decision. It will be rich in the communication content to a more simple and more general form, in a relatively small space to show, while the need for observers in a short period to understand its inherent meaning. Trademarks can be divided into three types: the trademark, the graphic mark, and the graphics.

A successful trademark design should be the result of an organic combination of creative products. Creativity is based on the design requirements, a comprehensive analysis of the concept, analysis, induction, general, through philosophical thinking, abstract as the image, the design concept from the ideal performance of the gradual conversion into a specific image design.

Graphic Design

Packaging and decoration of the graphics mainly refer to the product image and other auxiliary decorative images. Graphics, as the language of the design, Is to the image of the internal and external components of the performance of the visual image of the form of information to convey to consumers.

To achieve this purpose, the positioning of graphic design accuracy is very critical. The positioning process is familiar with the whole process of the product’s contents, including the nature of goods, trademarks, the meaning of the name and the status of similar products, and many other factors that should be familiar with and research. The graphic form can be divided into physical graphics and decorative graphics.

Physical Graphics

Using the painting techniques, photography, etc. to the performance. Painting is the main form of packaging and decoration design, according to the overall design of the packaging needs to draw the picture for goods services. Compared with a photographic picture, it has the characteristics of choice, refinement, and generalization. Painting techniques intuitive and strong, appreciate the taste of thick, is the publicity, landscaping, selling goods as a means.

However, the commercial packaging determines the design should highlight the goods’ true image to give consumers an intuitive impression. The photographic industry’s use, domestic Huaqing design works show true, and intuitive visual image is the best expression of packaging and decoration design Means.

Decorative Graphics

Divided into concrete and abstract two expression techniques. Symbolic figures, landscapes, patterns of animals, or plants as symbolic graphics for packaging can be used to express the package’s contents and attributes. Abstract techniques used for freehand, the use of abstract points, lines, the surface of the geometric pattern, Color or texture effect composition of the screen, by concise, eye-catching, with a sense of form, and the main expression of packaging and decoration techniques.

Often, figurative and abstract expression techniques are not isolated in the packaging design but are combined. The dialectical unity of content and form is the universal law in graphic design. In the design process, according to the needs of graphic content, the corresponding graphic expression technique is selected to make the graphic design reach the unity of form and content and reflect the spirit of the times. The application of economic, beautiful decoration design works is the basic requirement of packaging designers.

Color Design

Color design occupies an important position in packaging design. Color is an important factor in beautifying and highlighting the product. The use of packaging color is the design of the entire screen design, composition closely linked.

Packaging color requirements flat, homogenized, a color filter, and a high degree of extraction summary. It is based on people’s association and color habits. A high degree of exaggeration and discoloration is a means of packaging art. Simultaneously, the color of the packaging must also be the process, materials, use, and sales areas such as the system and restrictions. Packaging decoration design in the color requirements of eye-catching, strong contrast, a strong attraction, and competitiveness to arouse consumers’ desire to buy and promote sales. For example, food and fresh and rich colors to warm the main, highlighting the fresh food, nutrition, and taste; medicine and simple cold and warm colors; cosmetics commonly used in the middle of the soft colors; hardware, mechanical tools commonly used blue, another calm color, to show solid, sophisticated and durable features; children’s toys commonly used bright and colorful and warm and warm contrast of a variety of strong color to meet the children’s psychology and hobbies; sporting goods and more use of bright and bright Block to increase the feeling of active, sport- different products have different characteristics and attributes.

Designers want to study the habits and hobbies of consumers and international and domestic trends in color to continue enhancing the color of sociology and consumer psychology.

Text Design

The text is a symbol that conveys ideas, communicates feelings and information, expresses a subject matter. Business Product packaging on the grade, name, description text, advertising text, manufacturer, company, or distribution unit reflects the essence of packaging content. Design packaging must be the packaging text as a whole part of the overall design to consider. The design of the packaging design should be simple, true, vivid, easy to read, easy to remember; font design should reflect the characteristics of goods, nature, unique, and have good recognition and aesthetic functions; text The overall design style of the arrangement and packaging should be harmonious.

Material Standard

We can help you select the best material for your packaging as we talked about cardboard material selection. It can be made from corrugated board, chipboard, coated paperboard, or kraft paperboard. Moreover, we should take care of the environment! The smaller forests decrease, the better environment we are. I hereby strongly recommend recycled material for you. Our production follows the WPO’s rules, and material meets the FSC standard. While printing, we obey the rules of less pollution to the river and environment. To archive this, we import the think green¬†system.

Packaging Strength Test

We always offer free box strength test reports to meet customer’s requirements. You can check how we do on the corrugated box test at the bottom of the article. Make sure box packaging not only adds beauty to your products but essentially protects them.

Box Packaging Design Gallery

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