Red Color wine Box Kit with Personalized Logo

Focus Features:

  • Premium red leatherette exterior wine gift box
  • 3mm thickness rigid cardboard material
  • Metal hinge and metal latch
  • Personalized logo printing service acceptable
  • Wine accessories inside


The Red Color Wine Box Kit with Personalized Logo is a leatherette-covered wine box kit designed to provide sturdy protection for your wine bottles. The box’s framework is made of 3mm-thick, top-grade rigid cardboard, which is covered with premium red leatherette that gives the box a luxurious appearance and makes it water-resistant. A durable leather handle is attached to the top of the box for convenient carrying.

The box can be quickly opened and secured with a metal hinge and latch, respectively. Inside, the box is divided into two compartments by cardboard, allowing you to pack two wine bottles separately. Each compartment has a strap to hold the bottle securely in place. On the lid, punched EVA foam is used to hold wine accessories, and the punched holes can be customized to fit your specific needs.


Material Eco-friendly recyclable 3mm rigid cardboard
Printing Silk-screen printing, hot foil stamping, embossing
Closure Metal hinge and metal latch
Divider Cardboard
Insert Punched EVA foam
Wine accessories Corkscrew, bottle opener, wine stopper, drip ring
Custom service Personalized logo