Red Tea Retail Packaging Boxes

Focus Features:

  • White paperboard coat on 2mm thick duplex cardboard.
  • Black paperboard insert for flower plants, fix them into position.
  • Triple wall top and bottom box, solid to protect your plants well.
  • Black edge printing makes the elegant box feeling, black logo printing center on top.
  • Single pack corrugated mailer boxes can be produced for your retail and B2C online sales shipping.

The Importance of Red Tea Packaging Box

Tea, exceptionally high-grade red tea, must maintain low-temperature, low-humidity, light-proof, oxygen-deficient, and low-moisture fresh-keeping measures to maintain tea quality during storage. This requires the packaging of red tea to delay the change of its class. Protect the unique qualities of tea.

Those red tea retail packaging boxes have Aluminum foil inside to keep inside clean and dry.
In the packaging design, always pay attention to maintain consistency with the brand image. On the one hand, the packaging is a part of branding, and on the other hand, the packaging of goods is part of the brand image. But what need to do to improve your tea packaging’s impressiveness? Below are some tips you need to follow:

Selection of Red Tea Packaging Materials

The characteristics of tea are determined by the physical and chemical components and quality of tea, such as hygroscopicity, oxidation, adsorption, friability, and variability. Therefore, when designing tea packaging, we should consider packaging with appropriate materials according to these characteristics. We should choose composite materials with excellent moisture resistance, oxygen barrier, light, and no odor, and absolute tensile strength.
The first thing to consider when designing tea packaging is its material and structure. Whether the packaging material is suitable or not directly affects the quality of the product. This is also determined by the properties of the particular product of tea, so it is easy to choose the structure and the structure. Open the material to make tea packaging. With the development of the packaging industry and the combination of modern high technology, many new types of packaging have emerged.

There are also many novels and unique tea packaging on the market, but some packaging seems to be high-end, but there is a tendency to over-package, some out of the attributes of the goods, blindly pursuing a gorgeous decoration and floating colors, and the tea itself. The quality is not consistent. For example, there is a kind of tea packaging with the gold-plated surface in the market. You can’t see any information about the goods from the packaging, giving people a feeling of crafts, not tea.

Tea Box Color Design

Color is the most attractive product in packaging design. If the color is matched correctly, it will make consumers feel a pleasing feeling after watching, which can attract consumers’ attention. The color of the package is subject to the attributes of the product, and the color itself has its qualities. Therefore, use color to be cautious and strive to be less and more refined, concise, and bright.

Or fresh and elegant, or gorgeous, or natural and straightforward, we must take into account the customs and appreciation habits of consumers, but also take into account the different grades, occasions, varieties, characteristics of the products and use different colors.

The design should pay attention to the unity of color and overall style. It can’t use too much color, can’t form withered, can’t use gold and silver everywhere, give people a sense of slickness, and design should consider the comparison with similar products. Similar products are investigated and analyzed, and the strengths and weaknesses are designed to create a competitive packaging that can be seen in many commodities. Those Red Tea Retail Packaging Boxes obey the color design rules, so it looks natural and attracts customer’s eyes.

Tea Packaging Box Text Design

The text of tea packaging is also an essential part of the design. A package can be without any decoration, but it can’t be without words. The text of tea packaging must be concise and clear, fully reflecting the attributes of the goods. Tea is a traditional and national product. China, The art of calligraphy, has a long history.

The combination of the two is better to introduce the product with easy-to-read, easy-to-read, and easy-to-read fonts. The logo of the package should be awake, neat and clean, and have a complete label indicating the name of the product, soap of the manufacturer, address, date of manufacture and batch number, shelf life, grade, net weight, trademark, product standard code-dry glue for supplementary instructions, etc.