Retail Cardboard Box For Beef Bones

Focus Features:

  • Tuck end box style
  • White interior and outside
  • Plastic window patching
  • Thick cardboard
  • Glossy lamination.


Retail Cardboard Box For Beef Bones, this is a tuck end box style, the material is 300gsm ivory board. CMYK offset printing with matte lamination. It has a transparent window, and Our MOQ is 500 pieces. Turnaround time is seven days for sample, 10days for production. The packing method is a five layers corrugated paper box.

Flat packing flexible in Different Shipping Options. It was featured as Delivery to Door Service (DDU terms).

The box contains a PET window, which is very clear and soft. The paper is food grade, which can touch the food (beef bones directly)