Ribbon Closure Book Box

Focus Features:

  • Made from 2mm thick greyboard and 200gsm art paperboard, printing is on the cardboard.
  • Yellow silk ribbon, resonate with the gold foil stamping color.
  • High-quality foil stamping outcome.
  • A white paper full covered inside and outside, add a nice touch feeling to the whole box.
  • Box color and ribbon color can be changed to your request.
  • They are made to size for your product.


A Ribbon Closure Book Box is also known as a “Magic Box,” and some customers also request that the edges of the box be bent over to make it look more like a book. However, this shape is not as suitable for shipping since the edges can easily get damaged.

The design of this box is easier to create compared to other types of custom rigid boxes since it doesn’t have any bent edges, and we are happy to help you create a custom book box die-cut line.

Where Do We Deliver The Ribbon Closure Book Box?

We can deliver those boxes to most countries, and as of now, no countries have trade controls for importing cardboard packaging. We always ship the boxes via sea shipping. If you need rush order service, we can shorten the production time and ship them by air freight or express.

Are you interested in creating your own branded ribbon closure book box? Just fill out the contact form and get a fast quote!