Rice Cooker Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Size made for one set of rice cookers can be customized for different size of the rice cooker.
  • High glossy lamination on printed box surface.
  • Sustainable corrugated cardboard material.
  • Removable plastic handle on the box top.
  • Flat in shipping and storage.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Why Use Corrugated Material As Rice Cooker Packaging Box?

With the spread of rice cookers to thousands of households, there are countless manufacturers. Each manufacturer applies different forms of packaging to protect the products from damage during the factory-to-sale logistics process, and to attract customers to purchase the company’s products, stimulating consumers’ desire to purchase. Impact and vibration are the two forms of load that the package receives in the circulation environment. To protect the container, the packaging structure must have excellent cushioning properties. We decide to do some research on the rice cooker packaging box industry market before start box design.

The Design Process of Rice Cooker Packaging Box

After a week of research on Joyang smart mini rice cooker, through the physical store, supermarket, Taobao and other means to understand the current status of Philips smart mini rice cooker e-commerce transport packaging, collecting a lot of real and useful information for Shanghai BPS packaging Based on the design, objectively understand the e-commerce transportation problem that Joyang rice cooker packaging box needs to solve.

Combined with our current social development concept, as well as the diversification of commodities and fierce competition, through in-depth research on the market, Understand, understand, analyze, and establish a systematic pre-marketing survey preparation work, and carry out design packaging in the absence of design information data, market sales guidance, and product target requirements.

Finally, this rice cooker packaging box made out and creatively adding a plastic handle on the box top to make it take-away-able.

Useful Information