Rice Packaging Box Window Patching

Focus Features:

  • This package uses white cardboard as raw material and has a high hardness.
  • There is a PVC window in the middle of the box to show the rice inside.
  • The box can be flattened for transportation, saving transportation and storage costs.
  • Low MOQ to start and short delivery time.
  • Printing can be personalized and customized.

Fully Customized Options

This Rice Packaging Box Window Patching is being printed in four colors, and the film is finally covered in the box, which adds to the beauty of the box. The box is easily opened and closed, allowing rice manufacturers to perform rapid product assembly. Before the package is shipped, we will pack it, usually with a five-layer corrugated box.
In addition to the white cardboard box, we also have rice boxes with handles, high-end gift boxes, and paper bags. We accept a variety of personalizations, from printing methods, printed content, carton printing surface finishes to carton sizes.

Free Rice Packaging Box Design

We offer free rice box design, including box structure design, box artwork layout, and box mockup. You can get in touch with our professional designers at any time, and they will serve you wholeheartedly. If you don’t have a dedicated graphic designer, you can ask us for a business card from a dedicated designer. Every designer has several years of experience, especially in the field of packaging design, and has been working with our company for a long time.
Just by providing graphics, we can produce the same box as you think.
If you are interested in our company and product services, please feel free to write us an email.