Rigid Apple Packaging Box

The Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a professional and dependable manufacturer based in China, specializing in the production of apple packaging boxes. With years of experience, we understand that the packaging must be sturdy and provide ample protection for the fruit.

Our customers have the option of choosing from a variety of box shapes, ranging from regular slotted cartons, lift-off lid boxes, mailer boxes to corrugated display boxes. Today, I would like to introduce our lift-off lid carton box and box tray designed specifically for retail sales. For more information on fruit packaging solutions, please refer to our previous article on fresh food packaging solutions.

Retail Packaging Box For Apple

The retail packaging box must be durable and solid since it will be frequently transported and stored. We recommend using double-layered corrugated cardboard with a strength rating of at least 44ECT.

During transportation and storage, boxes can often become stuck together. Therefore, a lift-off lid box (consisting of a top and bottom box) is a suitable option. Additionally, since apples are delicate, it’s important to protect them from scratches caused by contact with each other. We recommend using pearl foam wrapping and cardboard inserts to keep them separated. This particular box is designed for nine-pack apples and is intended for use in supermarket retail sales.

Offset printing, infrared glossy varnish, and reinforced box corners make the box strong enough to withstand up to 50kgs of weight, and we have received excellent feedback from our customers.

In addition, we have also developed a special box tray for apple fruit packaging to meet specific requirements. The tray has a unique shape and can be stacked easily, making it convenient for shipping and saving costs.

Paper Cardboard Apple Box

Paper Cardboard Apple Box

Cardboard Apple Box

Cardboard Apple Box

Using Apple Packaging Box

Custom apple packaging boxes can differentiate your product from competitors and make a real impact on consumers. It’s important to choose a toxic-free and FDA-approved material. Promotional products can raise awareness and improve business. Getting the packaging right is critical for new products. China’s apple packaging box industry has seen remarkable growth in recent years. A strong logo is almost as vital as the product itself and should reflect the company’s purpose.

Vital Pieces of Apple Packaging Box

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Whatever They Told You About Apple Packaging Box Is Dead Wrong? And Here’s Why

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Apple packaging Boxes are a few of the most useful items taken for packing. The cardboard box is exceptionally regular for packaging purposes. There are various sorts of boxes for multiple kinds of packaging. Rigid boxes are the perfect custom made packaging for delicate items like gifts and glassware. There’s another type of box that is known as the bulk box. Many folks make a huge error, attempting to put too many items in 1 giant box when packing.

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