Rigid Cardboard Gift Box With Foam Insert For Packing Men Perfume

Focus Features:

  • Rose color printed outside of the box
  • Custom cut-out EVA foam lining
  • Bespoke size and printing for you
  • Small MOQ start from 500 pieces
  • Short lead time
  • Suitable for UPS Packaging Standard


Rigid Cardboard Gift Box with Foam Insert for Men’s Perfume Packaging. The inside and outside of the box are covered with a special rose-colored paper, and the customer’s company logo is printed evenly and dispersedly. The paper has a beautiful texture, and its distinctive touch sets it apart from ordinary paper.

We want to inform you that the cardboard of the flip cover of this box contains a hidden 3M magnet piece, which can be tightly sucked with the other side to ensure a tight closure.

This gift box opens like a book, printed vertically. The opposite side of the top of the box features the perfume product introduction and company description, and on the other hand, the perfume bottle is displayed. Like other high-end packaging boxes, we also use EVA lining to protect the perfume bottles. To make this box more memorable, we added other printing to the carton. As shown in the picture, we placed a layer of rose-colored paper cards at the bottom of the carton. When you pick up the perfume bottle, the rose-red color is revealed, perfectly covering the cardboard gray. Originally white, EVA now has a layer of rose-red paper to maintain the packaging box’s integrity. The printing content of this paper is the same as that of the carton.

The phrase “good packaging can increase the product’s added value” holds true. We have been selling perfume boxes for more than a decade and have experience in producing various box types. If you are interested in this perfume box, please contact us. The size of the box, printing content, and EVA cutting can be customized for you. When a large number of packaging boxes with your company logo appear on the market, it will directly boost your brand influence.

Our minimum order quantity for this box is 1,000, and the more the quantity, the lower the unit price. If you need samples before mass production, we can provide you with a custom-printed carton, and delivery time is only seven days. For designers, we can also provide 3D renderings.

Do you have any questions about us? You are welcome to contact us to obtain professional packaging consulting services!