• Various box styles for your choice
  • Various thickness of cardboard
  • Custom full-color printing
  • Matt and glossy lamination finish
  • Gold/silver hot foil stamping logo
  • Embossing/spot UV varnishing treatment
  • Custom PVC window patching
  • Custom die-cut foam/cardboard insert
  • Custom box dimension/size

Meet With Custom Rigid Gift Boxes

We have offered more than 1,000 kinds of rigid boxes for more than 200+ customers. Rigid cardboard gift boxes are made from thick material, called rigid setup boxes, cardboard gift boxes, and presentation boxes, with high quality and professional appearance.

We have solutions for you covering customized printed paper, selected cardboard material, customized insert, and gift box accessories. From crystal glass bottles to sensitive VR devices, and from delicate chocolate to fragile statue, all have been safely packed in those rigid cardboard gift boxes.

The most massive gift boxes with size 100*100*100 cm, and the smallest gift boxes with size 3*3*2.5 cm.

rigid set up box styles
The box shape of rigid boxes is more than other paper boxes, as there are so many parts to build up a gift box. We have telescope shape box, foldable book shape gift box, drawer box or slide gift box, magnet & ribbon closure gift box, and unique shape gift boxes. It is fancy when you put some gift boxes together, and they are all different shapes!

The cardboard materials for rigid boxes are duplex board coated with printed art paper or specialty paper. Some customers need to pack heavy-duty products like a four-pack wine bottle and use High-Density Board (HDF) coat with printed paper. Common materials for rigid cardboard gift boxes are 1.5mm / 2mm / 3mm duplex board coated with 157gsm art paper or specialty paper.

The printing of rigid boxes is in various ways, litho offset printing, flexo printing, and UV printing. We do not print the pigment directly on the rigid gift box the same as the corrugated box, but print them on the coated paper then laminate them onto the rigid cardboard. Please be noted that the design work should include the folding area, or the printing work will tear up.

The printing finish for rigid boxes is the same as the other paper packaging, range from glossy varnish and lamination, matt varnish and lamination, UV varnish, Spot UV coating, hot foil stamping, embossing, and debossing. The customer always picks hot foil stamping to promote their logo or brand, soft-touch film to anti-scratch, and add a luxury feel to their gift boxes.

Inserts into the rigid gift box are varied, we have paper pulp box inserts, cardboard inserts, and EPE/EVA/PP/Thermal-formed box inserts. Paper pulp box inserts always used for electronic product packaging, cardboard inserts are flexibly used for different kinds of products, and EPE/EVA/PP box inserts are used for luxury product packaging.

Find Videos of Custom Rigid Boxes

To let You have a better understanding of our works & ability in custom rigid boxes, our marketing team has prepared some featured videos of custom rigid boxes. From the below videos, You will see printing, printing finish, box material, and detailed information. If You like, give a “like” or comment.

Browse Box Styles

It is also called Detachable gift box or Lift-off lid gift box, easy opening when you add a finger hole on the sides. With an embossed logo or hot foil stamped logo on top, your aftermarket value will show up. We have rigid shoulder boxes and rigid neck boxes, and they are different in how deep the lid covers the base.

With Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team, a rigid box manufacturer, you can make the Rigid gift boxes foldable or collapsible. When you considering the shipping costs and storage costs for rigid cardboard gift boxes, then a collapsible box style is your choice. It is foldable so you can have them flat for shipping and storage, different from other rigid gift boxes.

It is the most popular rigid boxes shape, four sides straight stand up, with magnet closure or ribbon closure, the box is solid then! We suggest taking a 2-millimeter thick duplex board coated or laminated with 157gsm art paper or specialty paper, printing with full CMYK color, finally make your logo hot foil stamped.

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a leading supplier of the rigid drawer box, different from telescope shape gift boxes, and it is opened from sides. Then the side’s box strength higher than other gift boxes as a double cardboard wall there. Some American customers called it matchbox, really like a match packaging box!

The unique structure gift boxes are varied; they always combine many boxes structure and shape their structure to make a better appearance, unique but not strange. The below-listed boxes are only a part of our customized presentation boxes. We will keep this article updated, or on the blog, only when new ideas come out. Christmas gift boxes are our featured products.