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Rigid Cardboard Gift Box

Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team is a professional and reliable China rigid box manufacturer, we have offered more than 1,000 kinds of rigid boxes for more than 200+ customers. Rigid cardboard gift boxes made from thick material, also called rigid setup boxes, cardboard gift boxes and present box, with high quality and professional appearance. In Box Packing Solution team, we have solutions for you covering customized printed paper, selected cardboard material, customized insert and gift box accessories. Our Rigid cardboard gift boxes range from top & bottom shape gift boxes, book shape gift boxes, drawer shape gift boxes to collapsible gift boxes. From crystal glass bottles to sensitive VR devices, and from delicate chocolate to fragile statue, all have been safely packed in those rigid cardboard gift boxes. We can make large gift boxes with size 100*100*100 cm, and small gift boxes with size 3*3*2.5 cm.

Rigid setup box styles

The materials for rigid boxes are duplex board coated with printed art paper or specialty paper. Some customer needs to pack heavy-duty products like 4 pack wine bottle, need to use High-Density Board (HDF) coat with printed paper. Common materials for rigid cardboard gift boxes are 1.5mm / 2mm / 3mm duplex board coated with 157gsm art paper or specialty paper.

The printing of rigid boxes are in various ways, litho offset printing, flexo printing and UV printing. we do not print the pigment directly on the rigid gift box same as the corrugated box, but print them on the coated paper then laminate them onto the rigid cardboard. Please be noted that the design work should take care of folding area, or the printing work will be split.

The printing finish for rigid boxes are same as the other paper packaging, range from glossy varnish and lamination, matt varnish and lamination, UV varnish, Spot UV coating, hot foil stamping, embossing and debossing. The customer always picks Hot foil stamping to promote their logo or brand, soft touch film to anti-scratch and add luxury feeling to their gift boxes.

The box shape of rigid boxes is more than other paper boxes, as there are so many parts to build up a gift box. We have telescope shape box, foldable book shape gift box, drawer box or slide gift box, magnet & ribbon closure gift box and special shape gift boxes. It is fancy when you put some gift boxes together, they are all different shapes!

Inserts into the rigid gift box are varied, we have paper pulp box inserts, cardboard inserts, and EPE/EVA/PP box inserts. Paper pulp box inserts always used for electronic products packaging, cardboard inserts are flexibly used for different kinds of products and EPE/EVA/PP box inserts are used for luxury products packaging.

Top & bottom shape rigid gift boxes | telescope shape gift boxes | gift boxes with lids

It is also called Detachable gift box or Lift-off lid gift box, easy opening when you add finger hole on the sides. With an embossed logo or hot foil stamped logo on top, your aftermarket value will show up. We have rigid shoulder boxes and rigid neck boxes, they are different in how deep the lid covers the base.

3mm Thick Rigid Cardboard Box

With thumb cuts on the sides, the customer can open the box easier.

Gift Box with Silver Stamped Logo

Inside also being printed with customer’s require color.

Rigid Gift Box For Glass Bottle Packing

Also called rigid neck box (gift boxes with lids), foam + satin cover as the insert of this box, can protect and decorate products well.

Luxury Chocolate Packaging Box

Chocolate packaging box with metallic paper insert and dividers, chocolate gift boxes with lids.

Rigid Cardboard T-shirt Packaging Box

Cute colors and designed by Shanghai Box Packing Solution team.

Customized Rigid Phone Packaging Box | rigid box packaging

Actually, there are EVA high-density foam inside, enable the box to protect the phone well, also the stickers and customers guidance book manual.

Luxury Gift Box For Glass Bottle Wine

Three pieces box style, rigid shoulder box.

Telescope Flower Boxes with Ribbon Large gift boxes

Flower box needs inside be water resistant (laminate plastic film), but dry flower packaging no need.

Cardboard Christmas Gift Boxes Tube Boxes

A tube style box, half covered, custom gift boxes.

Laser Paper Laminated Gift Box

A good feedback on this box, to pack woman’s underwear.

Top and Bottom Foldable Gift Box

Collapsible box style, separate lid structure. 30*30*5cm.

Telescope Single Pack Wine Tube Box

Unique shape, cubic shape box, personalized gift boxes.

Luxury Watch Packing Box with Foam

Same as a finger hole on the side, this structure enables customer to pick up lid easily.

Top Bottom Gift Box with Inserts

It’s printed cardboard insert, cheap and nice appearance.

Specialty Paper Coated Cardboard Gift Box

Book shape box, hinged lid structure, size could be customized.

Rigid Gift Boxes with Top Opened Window

20*20*5 cm, for bill skinner cosmetics

Collapsible rigid gift boxes | Foldable gift boxes | Custom gift boxes

With Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team, a rigid box manufacturer, you can make the Rigid gift boxes foldable or collapsible. When you considering the shipping costs and storage costs for rigid cardboard gift boxes, then collapsible box style is your choice. It is foldable so you can have them flat for shipping and storage, different from other rigid gift boxes.

Luxury Products Packaging Foldable Box

Double side printed specialty color paper with special texture.

Customized Wine Packaging Box

The string and leather inside is to make sure bottle fixing in their position.

Double Side Printed Rigid Gift Boxes

Collapsible box style, rigid box material.

Foldable Gift Packaging with Ribbon Closure

Natural brown Kraft paper as the coated paper material reinforced corner protection.

Offset Printed Foldable Gift Packaging

Nylon Closure Collapsible Rigid Boxes

Foldable Wine Packaging with Gold Stamping

A Special Folding Type Gift Packaging Box

Hinged lid Gift box | book shape gift boxes | luxury gift boxes

It is most popular rigid boxes shape, 4 sides straight stand up, with magnet closure or ribbon closure, the box is very strong then! We suggest taking 2-millimeter thick duplex board coated or laminated with 157gsm art paper or specialty paper, printing with full CMYK color, finally make your logo hot foil stamped.

Matt Finished Magnet Closure Gift Box

After the box opened, your logo should be shown to your customer.

Metallic Laminated Book Shape jewelry gift boxes

The box body is being laminated with golden metallic paper, luxury and professional feeling.

Rigid Cardboard Presentation Gift Box

Special texture printing inside, instead of brown or white color.

Book Shape Box with Two Side Printing

Hinged lid, ribbon closure, custom rigid boxes.

Hinged Lid Gift Box with Ribbon Support

Side ribbon closure and support, it can be used as display boxes.

Rigid Cardboard Box with 2 Floor

Magnet closure, slide drawer floor, display, and storage.

High-Quality Chocolate Packaging Box

Inside cover silver stamped, inside with cardboard inserts.

Shoe Packaging Box Hinged Lid

String closure, LOGO style.

Cardboard Gift Box with Plastic Window

Glossy Varnish Metallic Paper Gift Boxes

Chocolate Packaging Box with Cardboard Insert

Pharmacy Bottle Packaging with Blister insert

Foam Insert Red Rigid Gift Boxes

CCNB Covered Plastic Book Shape Box

Two Pack Wine Bottle Gift Packaging Box

Hinged Lid Skincare Cosmetic Packaging

Gift Box with Black Foam Lining Insert

One Color Printed Paper Gift Box

Double Flap Closure Rigid Gift Boxes

Luxury Wine Packaging Solutions

Drawer boxes | slide gift boxes | slipcase boxes | tray with sleeve

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a leading supplier of rigid drawer box, different from telescope shape gift boxes, it is opened from sides, and then the side’s box strength higher than other gift boxes as double cardboard wall there, some American customer called it matchbox, really like a match packaging box!

Silk Ribbon Handle Drawer Box

Offset Printed Slide Gift Boxes Present box

Offset Printed Slipcase Boxes

Yellow Specialty Paper Coated Rigid Drawer Box

Drawer Style Gift Box with Gold Stamped Logo

Wedding Invitation Drawer Style Cardboard Gift Boxes

Special structure rigid box

The special structure gift boxes are varied; they always combine many boxes structure and shape their own structure, in order to make a better appearance, special but not strange. The below-listed boxes are only a part of our custom present boxes, we will keep this article updated, or on the blog, only when some new ideas come out. Christmas gift boxes are our featured products.

Green Foldable Rigid Display Tray

Rotate Wine Bottle Packing Boxes

Tree Shape Christmas Gift Boxes

Two Side Opened Special Shape Gift Boxes

Sensitive Device Packaging Box with Blister Insert

Cubic To Triangle Gift Boxes Double Side Printed

Inserts for rigid setup box

For different using, there are different inserts for rigid gift boxes, with box packing solution team you can have foam inserts including EVA/EPE/blister, paper cardboard inserts, foam coated with velvet or satin, and paper pulp inserts. Foam color always is white or black color as it reflects the products quality. Below is an image showing you the box with EVA high-density foam) inserts:

Rigid cardboard keyboard packaging box

High-Density Black EVA Foam Insert

Rigid Setup Box with Velvet Coated EVA Foam

Order details about rigid cardboard gift boxes

Customized rigid gift boxes mockup

Based on acknowledging of design on boxes, we are able to set-up a rigid gift box Mock-up design for you before sample process or bulk order production. We create by Adobe software, can create multiple points of view.

luxury watch packaging box rigid box

luxury watch packaging box rigid box 2

luxury watch packaging box rigid box 1

Luxury rigid garment gift box packaging mockup

Fancy color printed drawer box

Fancy color printed drawer box back side

High quality rigid garment gift box packaging mockup

custom drawer box with tissue paper

black rigid slide drawer box with UV varnish

black rigid slide drawer box with UV varnish 2

black rigid slide drawer box with UV varnish 1

black rigid slide drawer box with gold stamping

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