Rigid Cardboard High Heels Box

Focus Features:

  • Hinged lid structure, magnetic closure
  • Box side with ribbon stay to support lid not getting down
  • Double side printing, glossy lamination, full color printed
  • 2.5mm thick duplex cardboard material, enable it to carry heavy items.
  • Made from recycled cardboard
  • Could be customized shape for shoe size
  • If needed, various box inserts can be added into

Description of Rigid Cardboard High Heels Box

In the past, we have discussed custom shoe boxes. Today, let’s talk about rigid cardboard boxes for high heels. Compared to other shoe boxes, high heel boxes are typically designed for women, which means there are certain design considerations to keep in mind:

  1. The box design should have a feminine touch to it to appeal to women customers.
  2. Double-sided printing is recommended to maximize the box’s marketing potential.
  3. High heels are larger than regular shoes, so the box size should be adjusted accordingly.

These boxes typically come with a support ribbon to keep the flap from falling too deeply, which allows the printed image inside to be clearly seen by customers. The box contains sufficient company information and is not foldable. If you plan on importing many thousands of boxes, you should consider the shipping and storage costs. For instance, a rigid cardboard high heels box with dimensions of 30x30x10cm ordered in quantities of 3,000 pieces would have a total volume of 29.7 cubic meters, which exceeds the capacity of a 20GP container.

Will You Want To Get A Template For This Rigid Cardboard High Heels Box?

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