Rigid Cardboard High Heels Box

Focus Features:

  • Hinged lid structure, magnetic closure
  • Box side with ribbon stay to support lid not getting down
  • Double side printing, glossy lamination, full color printed
  • 2.5mm thick duplex cardboard material, enable it to carry heavy items.
  • Made from recycled cardboard
  • Could be customized shape for shoe size
  • If needed, various box inserts can be added into
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Description of Rigid Cardboard High Heels Box

In the past, we talked about custom shoe boxes, today it’s time to talk about rigid cardboard high heels box. Compare to other shoe boxes, high heel boxes always supplied for women, this means:

  1. We need to consider a feminization design on the box, give more indication that makes the box to a woman feeling.
  2. It’s better to consider double-sided printing.
  3. High heels have a larger size than regular shoes, think about it before creating box die-line.

This kind of box adds a support ribbon stay on the side because the seller wants to show inside the printed image to their customers; it contains sufficient information of a company. If you remove the ribbon, the flap will not drop now profoundly, since the back of the flap is being glued to the box base. The box is not foldable, and if you import many thousands, you need to consider shipping costs and storage costs. For example, a rigid cardboard high heels box size is 30*30*10, and if you order 3,000 pieces considering master carton size, the total volume will be 29.7m, which is over a 20GP container size.

Will You Want To Get A Template For This Rigid Cardboard High Heels Box?

Just write an email to us by sending an inquiry by upon button, you will get a template for free within 12 hours from our engineer. One of our sales will follow you up also. We also offer Illustration service and box mock-up service, add a note when you send us a message!

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