Rigid Cardboard Keyboard Packaging boxes with Sleeve

Focus Features:

  • Full over UV on the box sleeve
  • Original black card with UV varnish, better performance than the original white print black
  • High-density EVA foam, protect keyboard well
  • 3mm duplex cardboard, robust quality
  • Full covered top lid, made box strong than half covered
  • Can be customized shape for any game
  • Available in a wide range of surface treatment

What Is Important For A Keyboard Packaging Box?

When selling a mechanical or standard keyboard, it’s essential to create packaging that gives a sense of technology and highlights your brand logo. After printing, ensure that your logo is treated specially to make it memorable for your customers.

It’s also crucial to consider damage during shipping. You need to find a suitable way to protect the keyboard during transit, and a custom-made foam insert can help keep the keyboard securely in place. We offer a wide range of foam insert options, and we can customize them to meet your needs.

In picture two, you can see a triangle-shaped sleeve that serves to break up the black color and add some visual interest. Without this sleeve, the box may look too plain and lacking in technology. Adding small cherry logos to the sleeve can help make your brand more memorable for customers. Contact us to create custom keyboard packaging that meets your specific needs.

Want A Custom Design For Keyboard Box?

We can help you finish put artwork on the die-line. The Rigid Cardboard Keyboard Packaging boxes with Sleeve is only a customer case; you can custom anything as long as you have an idea. What we can do for you:

  1. Finalize design
  2. Custom shape
  3. Custom printing and printing finish
  4. Custom insert suggestion (may need your product sample)

Write to us waiting to be amazed by our perfect job! This Rigid Cardboard Keyboard Packaging boxes with Sleeve is a box example, and we are ready to get your customized keyboard box.