Rigid Cardboard Medal Box Display with Sleeve

Focus Features:

  • Individual Printed sleeve, protect printing work on the box
  • Silver foil stamping on a box, makes the logo stand out
  • EVA foam insert suitable for a piece of Medal, fully customized for your products
  • After pulling the tab, EVA foam can be stand up with the product, the box then becomes a display gift box
  • 2mm thick duplex cardboard, sturdy and robust
  • Optional box inserts / Printing method available

Creative Box Structure- Box Displays

Do you want a box that can be used as both a shipping mailer box and a display box for your luxury products? Look no further, as this is the perfect packaging solution for you! Whether you are packing gold medals, jewels, or watches, you can display them on a counter shelf. Take a look at picture 4 to see the display gift box we are talking about. Its unique foam design makes it stand out!

Once your customers like the product, they can easily remove it from the packaging without causing any damage. You can save money by getting two boxes for the price of one – a rigid shipping box and a display box.

Discover More Custom Boxes!

We take pride in creating custom boxes for our customers, and it’s all thanks to you! Yes, you, who are reading this right now. We enjoy working closely with our customers, from the initial inquiry to fully understanding their needs. We put our full effort into turning concepts into real boxes. We would love to hear from you and start a conversation about creating your custom boxes and cardboard displays.

As an example, we recently created a Rigid Cardboard Medal Box Display with Sleeve for a customer. If you’re interested in creating something similar or have a unique request, please fill out our contact form with detailed information, and we’ll be in touch with you soon!