Rigid Cardboard Telescope Dental Box

Focus Features:

  • Top & Bottom telescope structure, black specialty paperboard coated with the rigid duplex board.
  • Thin folding paperboard as box inserts to hold the denture.
  • Fast delivery time in such box structure
  • MOQ start from 500 pieces
  • Suitable for small items packing, such as smartphones, earphones, digital mouse, power charger, and so on.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Background of Rigid Cardboard Telescope Dental Box

This rigid cardboard telescope dental box works as an inner package for corrugated dental box and cardboard foldable dental packaging suitcase. As a comprehensive packaging solution, we are sure to pack the denture with stable quality and away from any damage during shipping & storage. This packaging solution can be applied to smart device packing, electronic product packing, and any other small items packing.

Custom made is acceptable, feel free to contact us for more options!

Useful Information