Rigid Corrugated Cardboard Apparel Box

Focus Features:

  • The U.S imported Kraft corrugated board, makes the box extra rigid
  • Natural feeling, Offset printing
  • The foldable structure of the box
  • Anti-moisture function
  • We have more options rather than Offset printing.
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What Is Important For Rigid Corrugated Cardboard Apparel Box?

There is an old saying in China meet changes with constancy. In the apparel packaging industry, it means that you can keep your design as a classical one, no need to keep pace with so many packaging designs. This box is a full-color printing on Robust cardboard. But the simple design didn’t seem low quality; it seems classical and useful, which reflects this apparel company aiming to offer high quality, natural feeling apparel to customers. Everyone wants to receive their products without damage, so you need to choose rigid cardboard to make your apparel packaging box. As China cardboard material still went high, imported cardboard price stay at their position, so there is no need to find any more packagings, this one is your good choice! The Rigid Corrugated Cardboard Apparel Box is for a reference, and we can custom-made a batch of custom apparel boxes for your brand.
Do you know how to make an Offset printing mix with this Kraft paperboard? Just fill the contact form and let us show it to you.

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