Rigid Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Top & Bottom two pieces rigid cardboard box structure
  • Light color printing makes the box elegant
  • Per the customer’s request, the height of the top piece can be changed
  • Several Options of printing and printing finish could be chosen from
  • Made from high-quality cardboard
  • Eco-friendly sustainable greyboard, protect our only Planet and trees.
  • Optional box inserts and dividers available

Customize The Hair Extension Box Now

The Rigid Hair Extension Packaging boxes are not available as stock items and must be custom-made to order. But don’t worry, designing your first hair extension gift box is easy with our step-by-step to-do list:

  1. Complete your artwork. You can print on all sides of the box, inside and out, so feel free to provide your designer’s artwork or use the die-line we offer.
  2. Need a custom insert for your box? We have EVA foam, EPE foam, and foam with fabric options available. We’ll cut and measure it to fit your products perfectly.
  3. Want a clear plastic window on the top or sides? No problem, just create a transparent window shape on the die-line, and our software will cut it out and wait for the window patch to be applied.
  4. As seen in picture 2, the inside of the box is white. However, we can cover it with any color you desire.
  5. If you need a sturdier box for long-distance shipping, we can use 3mm thick duplex board instead of 2mm, or even create a box with three pieces and an extra wall for added strength – turning it into a rigid shoulder box!

Rigid Hair Extension Packaging boxes can be used for apparel or shoebox packaging, and more. Feel free to contact us by filling out the form at the top, and we’ll send you a customized quotation sheet. Enjoy our dedicated sales service and amazing results!