Rigid Keyboard Display Box Stands

Focus Features:

  • Made from 3mm thick corrugated fiberboard, glossy plastic film lamination.
  • Wide area for printing
  • A separate header for Your brand content and graphic
  • Solid box base, can load more than 100kgs weight.
  • Collapsible box structure, single master carton packaging.?

Critical Points To Cardboard Floor Stands Design

The design of a cardboard floor stand must be aligned with the brand’s theme, highlighting the nature and positioning of the product. It should cater to the consumer psychology and habits of the target audience and display the uniqueness of the product in the most suitable way.

To achieve this, the display stand should match the style of the poster and not overshadow it. The design should highlight the image and characteristics of the new product, without overwhelming the consumer. Moreover, the design of the entire display stand should be based on the consumer’s visual habits and cultural preferences, with the aim of stimulating the desire to purchase.

A successful display stand design not only looks visually appealing but also enhances the brand’s overall image. It can help increase sales and create real value for customers. Therefore, it is crucial to invest time and resources in designing an effective cardboard floor stand.