Rigid Paintball Marker Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Collapsible box style, flat in shipping and storage.
  • The box made from 2mm thick duplex board/greyboard.
  • Inside and outside printing, glossy lamination. Full color + Pantone color.
  • Easy to be assembled, just peel off stickers on end before you assemble, then it looks like a standard magnetic closure rigid box.
  • Low MOQ request.

Make The Box Easy To Be Recognised

As a marketing staff member at Shanghai BPS, I have a wealth of knowledge on creating impressive and easily recognizable packaging boxes. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Use unique printing artwork that covers the entire box.
  2. Apply a high-gloss printing finish treatment.
  3. Incorporate the logo element into the printing.

This rigid paintball marker packaging box effectively integrates elements from the brand logo, making it easily identifiable. The color is also unique, utilizing Pantone colors that are well-blended. The text features high gloss UV varnish, while the box has a full-cover glossy film lamination.

There are many more important aspects to consider when creating packaging boxes. This article serves as an introduction to collapsible rigid boxes. If time permits, I will write more about this topic in the future.

How To Pack Rigid Paintball Marker Packaging Box

As you may be aware, collapsible boxes can be quite heavy even when flattened. While they may appear small in volume, their weight can add up quickly. Therefore, we recommend packing no more than 20 pieces of collapsible rigid boxes in a single master carton to ensure the weight is manageable.

To ensure the outer carton can bear the weight of the master carton, we suggest using double-wall corrugated fiberboard as the minimum requirement. If you plan to pack more than 30 pieces per box, triple-wall corrugated fiberboard would be the best choice.