Rigid Tea Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Five compartments for placing tea bottle and bags inside.
  • Luxury special textured paper outside, make the tea box more impressive.
  • Metal lock outside, secure the box and easy to be opened if you wish.
  • Foam insert, or just call it as a cushion.
  • Red foil stamping on the lid, accurate printing.
Let’s Customize It Now!
Product Video

Free Design Service

For this kind of rigid tea packaging box, we offer a free design service. Shanghai BPS design team will stay close with you on box design. From box layout design to artwork illustration. Until the final sample box mockup, we do not charge you anything. This box is fully customizable. For example, if you wish to change this paper color to another preferred color, that?s possible! Moreover, if you do not like the pattern and texture on paper, we can select for you from our 100+ paper pattern database.

More Details of The Box

The rigid tea packaging box made from the MDF board, as the customer request 200 lbs test approved. The normal greyboard can?t reach the goal. The metal tab is a dark gold color, and a PU foam insert.

Useful Information