Rigid Wine Drawer Box

Focus Features:

  • Drawer box style, double wall on five sides.
  • They are made from the 3mm thick greyboard, coated with art paperboard.
  • UV finished logo
  • Pull-out string assembled on the box, easy to pull drawer base out.
  • Inside High-density EVA foam as an insert.
  • Matt plastic lamination
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Why Is Wine Box So Important?

There are different wine packaging types in the world, but the cardboard material wine box is most popular, while a wooden wine case is most luxurious.

With the changes of the times and the continuous advancement of science and technology, the variety, alcohol content, and wine packaging of wine have changed dramatically. The wine packaging has evolved from the original bamboo-shell-ceramic-bronze-lacquer-porcelain-glass-metal-plastic-paper. Wine packaging is not only a vessel for wine but also a culture and connotation. It is also a powerful weapon for products to gain a competitive market position. It can be seen that the status of packaging in the overall concept of the product is increasingly important.
After seeing all kinds of high-end or beautiful packaging, the practical and very strong red wine box will bring you surprises. Combined with its environmentally friendly creative design concept, one day will become the packagings’ significant trend in the industry. With the rapid development of packaging materials, the selection of new packaging materials for wine packaging is getting faster and faster. Only by making packaging a competitive one is a successful package.

What To Do To Improve Your Wine Boxes?

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher. The past packaging concepts and packaging products are far from satisfying people’s aesthetic needs. Consumers increasingly favor beautiful and personalized packaging.

So, this rigid wine drawer box made it. It’s sliding matchbox style, Offset printed all-over the box. Can pack two wine bottles, insert them into foam material. We can custom made the box to meet your requests. Contact us for free.

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