Rigid Wine Drawer Box

Focus Features:

  • Drawer box style, double wall on five sides.
  • They are made from the 3mm thick greyboard, coated with art paperboard.
  • UV finished logo
  • Pull-out string assembled on the box, easy to pull drawer base out.
  • Inside High-density EVA foam as an insert.
  • Matt plastic lamination

Why Is Wine Box So Important?

Wine boxes are a crucial part of the wine industry. They not only serve as a vessel for wine but also represent the culture and connotation of wine. Wine packaging has come a long way, evolving from traditional materials like bamboo and ceramic to more modern materials like glass, metal, and paper.

As consumers’ tastes and preferences evolve, the demand for beautiful and personalized packaging has increased significantly. This is where customized wine boxes come in, providing a perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality.

One such example is the rigid wine drawer box. Its sliding matchbox style and all-over offset printing make it a beautiful addition to any wine collection. This box can hold two wine bottles and features foam material to keep them secure during transport. Moreover, customizations are available to tailor the box to your specific needs.

In conclusion, wine boxes are essential in the wine industry, and customized options like the rigid wine drawer box provide a unique and visually appealing way to package wine bottles. As packaging materials continue to evolve, making packaging a competitive advantage is more critical than ever. Contact us today to create your custom wine box.