Round Cardboard Tube Cylinder Packaging for Snack Bar

Focus Features:

  • Full-color printing, lid, and base on different colors.
  • A gap between two colors on the tube body, makes the tube seems elegant.
  • Bottom customized printing
  • It is made from 1.5mm thick professional tube board.
  • Tight-fitting between cap and tube body, secure your snack bar well.

Try To Use Cardboard Tube As Your Products Packaging

Over the years, packaging box manufacturers have been innovative with different packaging ideas, striving to make it more than just a simple packaging function. A good example is the cardboard tube, which is not only used as a core tube in textile products and packaging materials, but is also being increasingly used as original packaging for products. It offers several benefits such as small volume, ease of assembly, and all-over printability.

We recently conducted a study on packaging umbrellas and found that while 1,000 corrugated mailer boxes and rigid gift boxes had a volume of 12.5 cubic meters and 7.9 cubic meters respectively, printed cardboard tubes only had a volume of 2.3 cubic meters. This is because for long and round products, using the same style of packaging can significantly reduce waste of space. Additionally, printed cardboard tubes can be packed into containers, saving even more space.

Our customizable round cardboard tube cylinder packaging for snack bars comes with a template for your artwork, and we offer a mockup and sample process before you place your order. If you’re interested in our products and services, please fill out our contact form and say hello to us.