Secure Sealing Shipping Box for Cosmetics

Focus Features:

  • Natural Kraft corrugated fiberboard material, 100% eco-friendly
  • Foldable style, or called collapsible, makes it shipping & storage cost-wise
  • Adhesive stickers enable the box to be returned after the customer’s trying, without making a new box, saving cost, care for the environment.
  • Semi-dot line makes the box being secured after peeling off the sticker, and it can’t be opened unless you break the dotted line
  • Simple design, pure color

Shipping Box Can Be Multi-Function!

Over the years, packaging box manufacturers have innovated with different packaging ideas, striving to make it more than just a simple means of packing goods. This box is a good example as it not only serves the purpose of packing, but also ensures the security and facilitates the “return policy” of the cosmetics and apparel industries. Does this box add more cost compared to regular boxes? The answer is yes, but the cost increase is not significant. A sheet of white adhesive sticker is inexpensive, and the semi-dot line cost can be ignored since it only involves adding a die-line to the template.

Die-line For Perforated Box With Adhesive Stickers

To give you a better understanding of a secure sealing shipping box, you can download a copy of a box template, research its structure or just add your artwork, and we will help you once a sample is needed! This Secure Sealing Shipping Box for Cosmetics is an example packaging box, and we are delighted to create a custom box with your brand and artwork.
perforated mailer box with adhesive stickers (Click to start downloading, can be edited by Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop)