Sexy Lingerie Packaging Tube Box

Focus Features:

  • Orange color, glossy finish
  • White virgin paperboard material, thin and durable
  • Caps and bottom can add printing work
  • Double layer paperboard, add extra strength to the cardboard tube
  • Flexible printing options and full applications
  • Specially designed for Sexy Lingerie, unique packaging shape makes it more visible in the market
Let’s Customize It Now!
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The New Packaging Style- Cardboard Tube

Cardboard tubes for apparel firstly being applied for NIKE T-shirts. After that, a lot of apparel companies tried this packaging option- Robust material, round shape, and easy for shipping. As Sexy Lingerie style changes every year or season, you need to find suitable packaging for them, no matter it’s cardboard tube packaging, paperboard box packaging or even rigid cardboard box packaging. Packaging tube box for Sexy Lingerie makes the Lingerie outstanding in the market, and it describes the product itself. Just put the cardboard tube on the shelf, then you can display the Lingerie to your customers, by lift-off the tube cap.

Customized tubes, just write to us with your idea specifications, we will show you our fantastic ability in manufacturing such tubes packaging for sexy Lingerie!

Below is a Tube template with size dia 77mm * 234mm height.

Single Tube Box (Click to start the download, you can open it by Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop if you wish to edit it)

This Sexy Lingerie Packaging Tube Box for a design reference and shape reference, we can custom with your brand and made-to-size for your products.

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