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The nice people listed below are the contact for the business, they are lovely, kindly, and responsibility.

Eric Liu
Eric LiuSales Director
As the Head of Sales, Eric leads and build our sales team, develop business strategies, manage area sales, and oversee the creation of new packaging solutions. I report directly to the owner and bring 7 years of experience within the company to the table. Bringing packaging concepts to life alongside my team brings me great satisfaction.
Paul Sun
Paul SunProduction
Paul brings 5 years of experience in packaging purchasing to his role as the head of the procurement department at SCP. He is responsible for tracking and evaluating every order before production. With his excellent personal skills and dedication to his job and the company, Paul finds great satisfaction in turning packaging concepts into reality. He loves his job and is passionate about working for the company.
Leo Wang
Leo WangDesigner
Leo is an innovative and creative packaging designer, driven by his passion for design and meticulous attention to detail. With extensive experience using design tools such as CAD, AI, and PS, he is constantly exploring new and inventive packaging styles. Despite the demanding pace of his work, Leo finds inspiration in his daily cup of coffee and remains dedicated to delivering the highest quality designs for each project.
Mark Guo
Mark GuoSales Engineer
Mark has been a valuable member of the SCP team for the past eight years, bringing his keen eye for detail and unique insights into color correction to every project he works on. He is a master of his craft and is always striving to improve his skills and techniques. In his free time, Mark enjoys playing electric guitar, with a particular fondness for the music of Masazumi Ozawa’s Attraction.
Nicky Gong
Nicky GongSales Manager
Nicky is a brilliant packaging ideas specialist with a background in packaging structure engineering. His expertise allows us to fulfill unique customer requests promptly. He firmly believes that success is a product of hard work and does not envy those who achieve it. In his free time, Nicky enjoys various hobbies and interests.
Crystal Lin
Crystal LinSales Engineer
Crystal is a detail-oriented team player who takes customer order requirements seriously. Her ability to work well with others ensures successful completion of packaging projects. When it comes to gift boxes, she finds them exciting, particularly enjoying their fancy colors.
Nami Zhu
Nami ZhuSales Engineer
With a background in teaching, Nami is detail-oriented and highly attentive. Her ability to quickly propose packaging schemes to customers ensures that projects are promptly concluded.
Jason Zheng
Jason ZhengSales Engineer
Jason joined SCP as an intern and quickly proved himself to be a valuable asset to the team. He has a passion for sports, food, and creative thinking, and applies his unique perspective to developing innovative business models.
Christine Yang
Christine YangSales Engineer
Christine is a highly disciplined and collaborative team player. She has a strong aptitude for learning and is proficient in various office and design software.
Richard He
Richard HeMarketing Manager
Richard joint us in 2016, and he is responsible for the company’s marketing program, such as posts, banners, Google ads, and the exhibition.
“My job is to spend money and get more customers. I like it”
James Chen
James ChenSales Manager
James always in charge of scale customer sales, he is always on business trips and chats with customers.
“I like customers to send me complex packaging needs one by one, and then use my experience to give solutions”
Cathy Fei
Cathy FeiGraphic Designer
Cathy is responsible for the customer’s graphic design. She is skilled in photoshop and illustration and working with the company’s marketing team.
“Driving more customers, I’m sure they will like my works!”

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