Silver Foiled Luxury Perfume Packaging Box with Black Inserts

Focus Features:

  • Black paperboard material, inside with specialty texture paper
  • Silver hot foil stamping all-over the box body
  • Reverse tuck end box structure, save printing cost and material cost
  • Black corrugated cardboard material insert, black liner
  • Fancy designed & printed color, outstanding illustrated
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What Is The Best Cardboard Material For Perfume Packaging?

There is no answer to this, determined by your printing and product weight. Generally, there are paperboard material and rigid cardboard material, and someone may add a paper shopping bag to pack perfume. For this box, it’s lightweight, just pack 50ml perfume. This kind of material is also available for bakery boxes, essential oil packaging, power packaging, business card packaging, and so on.

Foil stamping needs to be concentrated if your content is not regular fonts, because the template may make it out of position. What we do it to use advanced foil roll and Japanese foil template, it looks like printing accurate but silver foil stamping.

Why This Box Looks Luxury?

Except for the Gucci brand sign there, this box looks luxurious. From a professional aspect, you can see: Accurate printing, beautiful artwork, different use of printing finish, the most important is good illustration! Black liner all-across the box body, perfect blood edge area makes the box seems integrated.

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