Silver Pillow Box For Tie

Focus Features:

  • Silver printing, black & red logo
  • 300gsm art paperboard material, multiple-times folding without crease.
  • It opened from two sides, a pre-fold edge.
  • Flat in shipping, packed in carton.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Pillow Box Not A Box To Pack Pillow

Pillow box, from its name, you may think it is a box to pack a pillow if you are the first time hearing this. So do we. However, it is a pillow shape style box, really like a pillow lay on the bed. Pillow box has a wide range of usage. From our experience, they have been used to pack a scarf, tie, shoelace, biscuit, gift, cards, small devices, and some small electric products. Paperboard pillow boxes are lightweight because they made from thin paperboard. It is a simple structure- A flat cardboard flued on one side and another two long side being pre-folded.

Pillow boxes can be original packaging, as well as a part of the master carton box. It has a display function. This silver pillow box for the tie is a part of multiple packagings, sit into a printed paper bag.

Useful Information